LTO Network (LTO) Contract Swap

Binance will support LTO Network (LTO) contract replacement.

The specific arrangements are as follows:

Binance has suspended the deposit and withdrawal of LTO (ERC20).

It is expected that the contract replacement of LTO (ERC20) will begin on December 6, 2021, Eastern Eighth District time.

During the contract replacement period, spot trading, leveraged trading and staking activities will not be affected;

After the token replacement is completed, the opening hours for deposits and withdrawals will be announced separately;

After the token replacement is completed, the user can convert the old LTO token (LTOOLD) into the new LTO token (LTO) through the asset conversion function.

The LTO mainnet tokens, LTO (BEP20) tokens and LTO (BEP2) tokens have not changed.

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