The wait is over. Now you can invest and trade Flare.

Any Bitpanda or Bitpanda PRO user who held XRP in their wallet or as part of the BCI5/BCI10/BCI25 Crypto Indices on 2020/12/12 00:00 AM (UTC) was eligible to participate in the airdrop.

Invest in Flare on Bitpanda

A big Bitpanda welcome to Flare

Time flies. It was last 2020 when we first talked about Flare (formerly known as Spark).

But good things come to those who know how to wait, and we’re delighted to announce that Flare is available on Bitpanda’s platform.

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What is flare?

Flare securely connects blockchains with real world data, creating a decentralized solution for scaling Web3.

It does this through a blockchain that has been built to offer developers simple and consistent interoperability.

Developers can build apps to capture the largest markets, while serving multiple communities and ecosystems through a single implementation.

Invest in Flare on Bitpanda

What can Flare do?

Flare has big plans and places a high value on simplicity to foster broad adoption by developers. Some of the applications are:

Building on Multiple
Flare Ecosystems allows developers to build interoperable dapps or use Flare to access information and liquidity on multiple chains.
Powerful Interoperability
Flare’s State Connector is the first consensus protocol built to acquire data from external blockchains. Allows information from other chains to be used securely in Flare.
Decentralized Pricing
Flare’s Time Series Oracle acquires time series data without relying on a centralized set of providers. It uses the network fabric to supply reliable and decentralized data to applications on Flare.
Trusted, Multilateral, and Secure Gateways
Flare’s Layer Cake provides security, speed, and scalability by establishing a gateway between smart contract networks. Addresses the main vulnerabilities of existing approaches and manages the risk of crossing Sovereignty Zones.

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Flare’s airdrop

Eligible people have already received 15% of the initial airdrop.

The amount received depended on the amount of XRP in the wallet registered on Bitpanda on December 12, 2020.

The final 85% of the airdrop will be distributed by Flare over the next three years, depending on what the community decides in a vote.

Invest in Flare on Bitpanda