Dota2 Prediction Game Predict the Champion to Share 30,000 USDT

Huobi will launch the DOTA2 Hot Blood Prediction Competition on December 3rd.

Huobi sincerely invites all DOTA2 players in Vietnam to participate in the first Huobi Cup Dota2 Open Tournament, providing rewards up to thousands of dollars.

All Huobi users can participate in the DOTA2 Prediction Competition on the Huobi App, vote for their favorite teams, and share a prize pool of 30,000 USDT!

This offer is available from 15:00, November 25 (GMT+8) to 15:00, December 2 (GMT+8).

Sign up in the form of a team, a team of 5 people, each team needs to fill in a registration information to qualify for registration.
All contestants need to register for a Huobi account.

Competing time:

Preliminary Round: December 3rd – December 4th

Defeat resurrection match: December 7

Finals: December 10th – December 11th

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Vote to Revive Your Favorite Team

Voting time: December 3rd 09:00 (GMT+8) – December 6th 12:00 (GMT+8)


Voting Eligibility: Voting rights are limited to Huobi users.

From December 3rd, users can enter the event page to vote for their favorite teams.

Voting object: All teams participating in the Huobi Cup Dota2 Open Tournament.

Obtain popularity tickets: Participating users can obtain popularity tickets through spot transactions (including leveraged transactions) HT. Every time the HT transaction volume reaches 100USDT, you can get 1 popularity ticket.

Users need to cast at least 1 vote for each vote and up to 20 votes, with no limit on the number of votes and teams.

Every time a user casts a popular vote, they have the opportunity to get Candydrop double coupons, transaction fee discount coupons and other rewards, which are distributed randomly by the system.

The event page will display all participating teams. All teams will be divided into four groups, and the competition within the group will compete for the first place in the group and the second place in the group.

After the voting time ends, the top 4 teams with the most popular votes and the teams that have not won the first and second places in the group will be eligible to participate in the resurgence of the defeated team.

Predict the Dota2 Champion to Share 30,000 USDT

Vote to predict the final champion team

Voting time: December 7th 10:00 (GMT+8) – December 11th 12:00 (GMT+8)

Voting rules:

Voting qualifications: The right to vote and participate in predictions is limited to users of Huobi.

Users vote to predict the final winner among the 8 teams participating in the final.

Each time a user casts a vote, a certain number of crystals will be consumed, and the daily consumption amount is shown in the table.

Crystal consumption amount:

Date Crystals per vote
Dec 7, 2022 8
Dec 8, 2022 8
Dec 9, 2022 8
Dec 10, 2022 10
Dec 11, 2022 15

Users can cast at least 1 vote for each vote, with a maximum of 20 votes for each vote. There is no limit to the number of votes, and the voting objects are all 8 teams participating in the finals.

Champion prize pool: 30,000 USDT

Users who vote to participate in the prediction will share rewards according to the results of the competition after the finals.

The users who voted for the winning team will share the prize pool with other users who voted for the champion team according to the proportion of votes.

Rewards for each winning user: the number of votes voted by the champion team in the final / the total number of votes voted by the champion team*30,000 USDT.

After the decimal point will be rounded up, so the sharing rewards < 0.00000001 USDT will not be issued. Predict the Dota2 Champion

Event introduction

As the world’s leading blockchain trading platform, Huobi sincerely invites all DOTA2 players in Vietnam to participate in the competition, and provides generous rewards, up to thousands of dollars.

Competition rewards will be issued in the form of USDT, a virtual currency equivalent to US dollars.

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Game schedule

Preliminary Round: All successfully registered teams will be randomly divided into 4 groups in total. There will be a BO1 single-elimination match in the group, and the top four teams in the final group will directly advance to the final.

Defeated Resurrection Match: The second-placed team in each group in the preliminary round will compete in a BO1 rematch with the 4 teams revived through popularity points to compete for the final spot.

The 4 winning teams will advance to the final.

Finals: The 8 teams participating in the finals will compete for the championship through BO3 single elimination.

Game time: The actual game date, the staff will contact the designated liaison of the team to communicate and confirm the date.

Resurrection mechanism: From December 3rd to the end of the preliminary round, Huobi users can vote for all participating teams to help the defeated teams revive.

The top 4 teams with the most votes in the resurrection and the teams that did not win the first and second places in the group can participate in the resurrection match.

Users who participate in voting will also have the opportunity to receive rewards such as handling fee cash back coupons, badges, and CandyDrop double coupons.

New users who register for Huobi for the first time can get 5 resurrection tickets after entering the event page.

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Game rewards

Popularity Award: The first team with the highest popularity value can get 300 USDT, and the second team can get 150 USDT.

Final rewards:

Prize for the first team: 3,000 USDT

Prize for the second team: 1,500 USDT

Prize for the third team: 500 USDT

Prize for the fourth team: 500 USDT

Predict the Dota2 Champion