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Start your smart investment journey with Zoomex.

With the development potential of the blockchain industry, Zoomex further enhances the value of your assets.

What is Zoomex?

Founded in Singapore in 2021, the Zoomex exchange is a cryptocurrency trading platform equipped with high-tech blockchain technology.

Zoomex believes this technology will prosper the lives and increase the value of assets.

The goal is to provide more customers with a better online cryptocurrency trading environment and create a sensible investment environment.

Zoomex is committed to protecting customers’ assets and providing the best online trading services in the ever-changing cryptocurrency market based on the values ​​- security, trust and creation.

Zoomex provides customer-oriented services.

As a leader in the cryptocurrency market, Zoomex also provides convenience and the best trading environment for cryptocurrency online trading services, making all customers satisfied with the service.

Zoomex keeps all customers’ assets safe. Zoomex creates a safe trading environment with excellent security systems.
Zoomex prioritizes trust between the customers and the company. Zoomex guarantees the honest and transparent operation of the exchange.
Even in an ever-changing market, Zoomex remains at the forefront of the financial industry.

Zoomex also supports more than 50 digital currency trading pairs, including USDT and Bitcoin trading pairs, providing all customers with a diversified trading environment.

zoomex cryptocurrency exchange banner

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Why choose Zoomex?

There are various merits to invest in Cryptocurrencies with Zoomex.

24 hours deposit and withdrawal
Zoomex provides 24-hour deposit/withdrawal services to ensure a customer-friendly trading environment. Enhanced trading environment by accessing assets at any time
Up to 100 times leverage margin
Zoomex provides 100 times leverage margin to maximize customers’ profits. Clients can adjust the leverage according to their choice.
Asset Security Protection
Zoomex uses the best multi-signature security system as well as hot and cold wallet system to protect all customers’ assets.
Customer-centric support
The in-house multilingual staff will help all customers solve their problems in real time.
Comfortable interface
Zoomex provides an interface that customers can understand at a glance. It aims to provide a comfortable and convenient transaction experience and improve customer transaction satisfaction.

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