YObit Table of Contents

What is YObit?

As a global exchange, it serves many countries around the world.

The team behind this YObit portal is based in Russia and does all the work that should be done to be a reliable cryptocurrency exchange.

After all, just take a look at the website to understand that the interface is clean and precise. Furthermore, the site is easy to navigate.

As the site is simple to use, cryptocurrency trading can be done without any problems.

The homepage of YObit has a series of tabs that include the following items: “Trade,” “Market,” “InvestBox,” “Wallets,” “ICO,” “CoinsInfo,” “AddToken,” “Support,” and “PM.”

On the far right of the homepage there are two tabs, one is “Registration” while the other is “Login”.

The site is an international exchange and is therefore available in three languages: English, Russian and Chinese.

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What you can do with YObit?

What are YObit’s main features? What can you do on YObit Cryptocurrency exchange?

Here are the possible options for users of YObit.

1. Trade

This page gives you information on the digital currencies that are disrupting the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

This part presents some charts that provides traders with the most actionable information which is worth investing in and which is not.

In addition, this web page provides details on trading history, buy orders and sell orders.

There is also a separate balance section available in your account. Also, to enhance the user experience, the site gives you the ability to trade crypto assets with a single click.

Start Trading Cryptos on YObit

2. Market

This page provides a huge list of 7,052 active crypto coin pairs. Here, every other cryptocurrency is associated with Bitcoin. While in 24-hour volume it will display its highest and lowest point in the last 24 hours.

Overall, there is a lot of information any prudent investor will need to use before making an investment.

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3. InvestBox

This section allows all cryptocurrency makers to list their free ones on InvestBox. Yes, this tool allows developers to easily promote their cryptocurrencies. However, InvestBox is in no way a HYIP or pyramid scheme.

Promote Your Cryptos on YObit

4. Wallet

This is your wallet on the platform where you will be able to view your total balance, number of cryptocurrencies, hold details, deposits, withdrawals and so on.

Once logged into the site, you know every single action you have done using YoBit.

Open YObit’s Wallet for free

5. ICO

We all know that crypto tokens have been gaining fame for a few years. Hence, a trusted cryptographic Exchange will be the one able to list all incoming tokens in real time from their ICO list. This is what YoBit is doing. On this site, the token can be purchased with a single click.

Additionally, you can also check out the forum discussion of each listed token before making a final investment decision.

See ICOs on YObit

6. CoinsInfo

This section is a paradise for a true cryptocurrency enthusiast. On CoinsInfo, you will find a variety of details about each specific cryptocurrency; these details include information about the coin’s PoW / PoS, algorithms, coin supply, and ticker symbol.

These details may be relevant to casual investors, but they are extremely important to all those investors who are looking into mining and who want to gain a deeper understanding of a specific cryptocurrency.

Check out CoinsInfo on YObit

7. AddToken

This section is for anyone who wants to have their token listed on YoBit. The listing process is fairly straightforward – you just need to fill out a form, and then you’re ready.

As there is only one module, we believe it won’t take long to get your token listed on this website. However, you should be aware that the site only lists those tokens that follow the ERC20 standard.

List Your Coins on YObit

8. Support

Since there is a dedicated customer support tab, the platform is committed to providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction. This support section is based on a ticket system: you raise a ticket and the problem (ticket) will be solved.

Within the tab, there is a separate section where all coin tossing companies (developers) can collect tickets to request coin maintenance.

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