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WhiteBIT’s main services

WhiteBIT Codes
WhiteBIT Codes allows transferring fiat and crypto to other users fast and free.
WhiteBIT Earn
Stake your tokens on WhiteBIT Earn to make profits. An effective way to make money on cryptocurrency.
WhiteBIT runs various compeitions. Increase your trading volume with the Trading competition!
Quick Exchange
With WhiteBIT’s Quick Exchange, you can swap national currencies (fiat currencies) and crypto quickly.
Trade crypto with all necessary tools. Access WhiteBIT’s Spot trading platform.
WhiteBIT also allows trading with up to 20x leverage to multiply profits with “Margin” function. Including USDT-margined contracts trading with low fees.
On WhiteBIT’s Person-to-person crypto exchange, you can find the best offers by other investors.

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What is WhiteBIT?

WhiteBIT is a centralized crypto-to-fiat exchange with 450+ members.

WhiteBIT fulfills all KYC and AML requirements.

WhiteBIT’s main goal is to realize the large-scale application of blockchain technology and expand the cryptocurrency community by providing a secure and easy-to-use trading platform.

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Is WhiteBIT a safe Cryptocurrency exchange?

WhiteBIT stores 96% of the digital assets in cold wallets and use WAF (Web Application Firewall) to detect and block hacker attacks.

Plus, WhiteBIT adds another layer of protection to your account with two-factor authentication and anti-phishing software.

A cutting-edge technology-based trading and matching engine ensures fast deposits and withdrawals as well as order operations.

The security of user funds is WhiteBIT’s top priority!

WhiteBIT implements a risk diversification system based on the following principle: only 4% of assets are stored in hot wallets at all times.

Assets stored in cold storage are protected by Multisig (multi-signature) access.

WhiteBIT has established an insurance fund supplemented by funds paid from transaction fees to protect and ensure the safety of user assets.

At present, the fund has provided guarantees for the assets in WhiteBIT’s cold storage with an insurance plan totaling US$30 million.

No more sleepless nights by controlling your risk with stop limit and stop market orders.

WhiteBIT enables you to transfer assets between their main balance and trading balance, as well as place or cancel orders for them.

WhiteBIT also made sure that the interface is easy to use, no matter what your experience is, you can use it. Check it out for yourself!

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Exchange with low fees on WhiteBIT

Whether it’s 50 BTC or $50, you can enjoy some of the lowest transaction fees in the industry (up to 0.1%) on WhiteBIT’s exchange.

You can deposit and withdraw with Advcash, Perfect Money, Qiwi, Yandex, Visa and Mastercard.

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