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What is Swapzone?

Swapzone is a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator where you can compare exchange rates and swap cryptocurrency directly on the website.

While it can be hard to browse through and find the right information and place of Cryptocurrency market, Swapzone provides you with a progressive, transparent and handy swap service.

Swapzone incorporates as many assets and services as possible and providing detailed information about the service providers.

All the swaps are custody-free, with no registration needed.

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Swapzone is a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator

How does Swapzone calculates the rate?

Swapzone is aggregating the exchange offers for supported cryptocurrency pairs through APIs of its partners.

Swapzone is sending the user’s inquiries in, getting the deals directly from the services, sorting them out by the best rate, and gathering the data in Swapzone’s interface.

To provide the most detailed information on the swap you are about to perform, Swapzone has added an exchange time parameter for all of our partnering services.

Here is the formula Swapzone uses to calculate the time:

How swapzone calculate exchange time

It’s important to transmit detailed information on the exchanges to the users – this is why Swapzone showcases the ratings.

Swapzone receives crypto exchange rates from the service providers directly.

Currently, Swapzone has available offers of more than ten exchange partners.

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Is Swapzone trustworthy?

All the features of Swapzone are free and available without registration.

Swapzone is a non-custodial service and do not manage user’s funds.

All the exchange data is coming directly from the service performing the swap.

The final sum received with Floating rate exchanges varies due to the crypto market fluctuations. It is possible to receive more or less crypto than the sum predicted by the service. Besides, some exchanges do not add transaction fees to the rate they calculate. If it is important to get a certain amount of crypto after the exchange, you can try using Fixed rate swaps.

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How does Swapzone’s service work?

In general terms, a swap starts with choosing the crypto pair needed, the sum you would like to exchange and putting down the wallet address you would use to receive the funds.

After this, the exchange order gets created – you will get the address to send the deposit in.

Once you send the funds, all you need to do is wait for the transaction to confirm and the partner exchange to process your request.

Once the service sends the sum and the transaction gets confirmed, the swap is done.

Fixed rate exchanges guarantee you to get the sum calculated by the service. Once performing Fixed rate swaps, it’s necessary to send the deposit to the service during a limited time slot – usually from 10 to 40 minutes, depending on the provider.

Most instant exchange services do not have the max exchange limit for the swaps.

However, the minimal limit is always there – it can vary from $10 to $50. Good news – there are some services that managed to lower the limit to ~$2.

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