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What is Paxful?

Paxful is changing the financial world. In just five years, Paxful has become one of the world’s leading peer-to-peer Bitcoin markets, attracting millions of global users, and this has just begun.

Paxful started with a simple task: to empower 4 billion forgotten unbanked users and users in regions with underdeveloped banking services, allowing them to control their funds in an unprecedented way.

Ray Youssef, CEO
Ray is an Egyptian immigrant who grew up in the heart of New York City. He is passionate about helping others. He has a dream in his heart, looking forward to a world where everyone can enjoy financial services, and is determined to realize this idea through Paxful.
Artur Schaback, CPO
Artur grew up in Estonia. He understands how technology changes the world and looks forward to using his own power to make changes. So he came to New York to pursue his dream, looking forward to bringing financial freedom to everyone in every corner of the world.

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What you can do on Paxful?

Use more than 350 payment methods to buy and sell digital currencies.

Get your Paxful account and start sending and receiving payments with 6 million users like you.

Buy bitcoins online
Buy bitcoins in real-time at Paxful and use the online chat to transact online with other users.
Sell ​​Bitcoin
Choose your own rate to sell Bitcoin, and choose one of a variety of payment methods to get paid.
Use escrow services to ensure transaction security
Until the transaction is successfully completed, your Bitcoin will be stored in Paxful’s secure custody.
Get favorable comments from the transaction
Paxful’s user feedback system allows you to identify trusted and experienced trading partners.
Get a free Bitcoin wallet
Get a free lifetime bitcoin wallet maintained by BitGo, the world’s leading provider of secure bitcoin wallets.
Earn extra income
Use Paxful’s affiliate program to create a stable income stream.

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With Paxful, you can Bring your financial freedom to a whole new level with the help of the Paxful platform.

Paxful upholds three simple values ​​in the lives and work, guiding the way for the great pursuit.

Be a hero
At Paxful, the company uses superhuman power to complete Paxful’s work. Paxful works day and night to provide users with the products they dream of. Paxful is turning the impossible into reality and making changes to the lives of billions of people around the world.
Built for people
At Paxful, it always puts people first when making decisions, not profit. Paxful wants to reach those places that have been ignored and forgotten by the world. Paxful helps families achieve prosperity, Paxful builds schools and let users become their own bosses.
Connect with street people
At Paxful, it listens to the community around the clock. Paxful will not hide in skyscrapers and only deal with people in “suits and leather shoes”. Paxful will take to the streets and establish connections with the public. Paxful always talk to users, listen to their feedback, and build better products for them.

Paxful is changing the way the world transfers funds and embraces cryptocurrency-users can transfer money to anyone anywhere at any time.

No bank account? no problem. Paxful has more than 300 payment methods to choose from, allowing you to transfer money easily in your favorite way.

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How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin on Paxful?

Choose the payment method you need, and immediately start trading with your favorite bid!

Sell Bitcoin on Paxful

Become a seller on Paxful, bring financial freedom to millions of people around the world, provide a variety of payment methods that buyers like, and eliminate the middleman link. Paxful will equip you with all the resources and relevant guidance to help you succeed.

Bank Transfer
Use bank accounts around the world to directly receive payments in Bitcoin transactions.
Exchange for cash
You can receive cash payments without leaving your house, and you can also facilitate transactions in nearby locations.
Online wallet
Send to more than 140 online wallets around the world.
Discount gift card
Use popular discount gift cards to sell bitcoins, including iTunes, Amazon, and more.
Digital currency
Exchange your Bitcoin for any popular digital currency.
Goods & Services
With your Bitcoin, you can buy almost anything.

Sell Bitcoin on Paxful

Buy Bitcoin on Paxful

Millions of people have had a successful experience on Paxful and have given a lot of positive feedback.

Bank Transfer
Paxful allows you to trade Bitcoin safely and easily. Find the best bid below and use bank transfer to buy Bitcoin in just 5 simple steps.
Online wallet
Don’t want to go out? Paxful also has many popular payment methods.
gift card
Have an unwanted gift card? Exchange here for Bitcoin immediately.
Cash payment
Paying cash to buy bitcoin is as simple as that, no bank account is required.
Debit/Credit Card
Paxful allows you to trade Bitcoin safely and easily. Find the best bid below and use your debit/credit card to buy Bitcoin in just 5 simple steps.
Digital currency
Trade your digital currency or tokens, and the bitcoins obtained will be directly transferred to your digital wallet.
Goods & Services
Use anything you own for virtual transactions in exchange for Bitcoin, from cars and gold to food and household appliances.

Register now and get your free digital wallet. You can start buying or selling bitcoins immediately, with no worries.

Buy Bitcoin on Paxful

Why choose Paxful to exchang coins?

At Paxful, it believes that Bitcoin is the future trend and the carrier of change. Paxful launched the Built with Bitcoin program to provide opportunities and improve lives through Bitcoin to create a better world for the communities that need it most.

What is Paxful’s goal? 100 schools, water conservancy facilities and business incubators were created entirely through Bitcoin funds. So far Paxful has created four schools, and 96 more are yet to be completed!

Built with Bitcoin also helps Africa deal with the COVID-19 epidemic. Through generous donations from users and friends, Paxful provides food, hand sanitizer and other protective supplies to people in need.

Human-driven technology
Paxful is a completely peer-to-peer platform, which means that Paxful’s users trade with real people-and this is the original intention of Bitcoin.
Free bitcoin wallet
Paxful’s digital wallet is safe and reliable, easy and convenient to use, without any cost, so that everyone can safely store their wealth, no matter who it is, no matter where you are.
When it comes to funds, security is the most important factor. All transactions on Paxful are escorted by the secure escrow service, giving you peace of mind.

If you want to ask questions to the customer support team or provide Paxful with feedback on improving the product, Paxful will be happy to listen to your opinion. At the same time, if you want to contact Paxful for other business-related issues, Paxful also provides other contact channels.

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