What kind of service does Gate.io provide?

Safe, fast and easy trading of over 1400 cryptocurrencies.

Spot / Leverage / ETF
Gate.io provides trading services for hundreds of high-quality currencies such as BTC, ETH, EOS, etc., and supports leveraged trading and ETF trading of currencies.
Perpetual contract
Perpetual contracts support two-way positions with a maximum leverage of 100 times. You can enlarge your profits by going long and short.
Fiat/Block Trade
One-click quick purchase and sale of fiat currency, supports a variety of fiat currencies and payment methods, and also supports overseas credit card deposits.
Quantitative documentary
Gate.io provides a variety of quantitative strategies, and you can also copy the trading strategies of the Great God in the quantitative rankings.
Sesame Finance
One-stop comprehensive wealth management service center, wealth management treasure, fiat currency lending and other wealth management services.
Create your own NFT assets for free, earn lasting royalty income, and explore high-quality projects to grab popular debuts.

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Why choose Gate.io?

Comprehensive protection of safety and legal funds
Gate.io keeps your assets safe through both centralization and decentralization. And it is the only trading platform in the world that invests hundreds of millions of dollars to provide “safety and legal funds” for your asset safety.
Fast transaction deposit and withdrawal system
Gate.io’s long-term technical accumulation provides you with an efficient and convenient real-time trading system. Your funds can also be withdrawn in seconds.
Stable as always
After 9 years of stable operation, Gate.io has accumulated many industry-leading technologies and continues to provide you with stable services. Gate.io is full of confidence and strive for it!
Your trusted platform
As one of the trading platforms with the longest history and largest trading volume in the world, Gate.io strictly follows industry rules and does not participate in market operations. Openness, transparency, equality and cooperation have always been the mission.

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