What is Currency.com?

Currency.com – regulated crypto exchange of tokenized assets.

Currency.com connects the worlds of cryptocurrencies and traditional finance through thousands of tokenized exchange assets. On the crypto platform, investors can invest their crypto assets in tokens of traditional financial markets. Directly. Without fiat.

Invest in 2000+ tokenized assets with a wide range of fiat and cryptocurrencies. Currency.com guarantees high liquidity, reliable and fast order execution.
Currency.com adheres to strict industry standards and AML requirements. Currency.com provides robust risk management tools, instant price alerts and negative balance protection.
Trade bitcoin with 100x leverage and guaranteed stop loss. Invest in a wide range of available assets including tokenized stocks, commodities and indices.

Looking for a safe and secure cryptocurrency trading platform? Currency.com is a team with many years of experience in creating transparent, reliable and secure trading systems. The Currency.com platform is based on innovative technologies.

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