What is Currency.com?

Couldn’t you buy Apple stock with your Bitcoin? Now you can!

For a long time, cryptocurrency holders were given limited options.

You couldn’t trade the world’s largest stocks, indices and commodities. It has gotten the cold shoulder from the deals that exist. It has been said that investing in cryptocurrencies is purely speculative.

That’s where Currency.com comes in.

Currency.com was the world’s first regulated tokenized stock exchange and is now available on mobile phones.

With this most beautiful trading platform you’ve ever seen, you can use your cryptocurrency (or fiat currency) to trade in markets like Apple, DAX30, and Crude Oil where coins couldn’t be used.

By providing access to over 3000 of the world’s most traded equity assets as tokenized securities, Currency.com offers cryptocurrency owners like you the opportunity to maximize your investment.

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What are the advantage of Currency.com’s service?

Currency.co gives you the power to:

  • Leverage up to 500x to do more with less.
  • Open a free account in minutes. Simply fill in the required information and upload a copy of your ID.
  • Trade NYSE and LSE stocks, commodities such as gold and crude oil, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. in token format.
  • Manage your risk with Stop Loss, Guaranteed Stop Loss and Take Profit Orders available.
  • Use over 75 technical indicators to improve your trading strategy.
  • Manage your positions and portfolio at a glance with the wallet function.
  • Fund your account via credit card, bank transfer or cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Be the first to know with breaking price alerts. Take advantage of our Zero Cut Negative Balance Protection and never lose more money than you deposited.
  • Keep track of your trading with personalized trading reports.

The time to wait is over. Tokenized securities are here.

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WHy Currency.com is a trusted exchange?

Currency.com – regulated crypto exchange of tokenized assets.

Currency.com connects the worlds of cryptocurrencies and traditional finance through thousands of tokenized exchange assets.

On the crypto platform, investors can invest their crypto assets in tokens of traditional financial markets.

Invest in 2000+ tokenized assets with a wide range of fiat and cryptocurrencies. Currency.com guarantees high liquidity, reliable and fast order execution.
Currency.com adheres to strict industry standards and AML requirements. Currency.com provides robust risk management tools, instant price alerts and negative balance protection.
Trade bitcoin with 100x leverage and guaranteed stop loss. Invest in a wide range of available assets including tokenized stocks, commodities and indices.

Looking for a safe and secure cryptocurrency trading platform?

Currency.com is a team with many years of experience in creating transparent, reliable and secure trading systems.

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