CoinPark is an online Cyptocurrency exchange where you can ‘Trade with Margin’ to make profit from the difference of market prices.

You can trade about 20 Cryptocurrency pairs (BTC, USDT, ETH etc…) through its own web-platform or mobile-apps.

Trading = Mining

With CoinPark, you can mine ‘CP token’ (CoinPark token) by trading.

As CoinPark considers ‘trading = mining’, they compensate traders 100% of transaction fees wth ‘CP token’.

The mining output is ‘CoinPark token’ and it is paid as dividends to the CP holders’ accounts.

What is CP? (CoinPark Token)

CoinPark Token is an Ethereum ERC20 standard token.

With a total of 10 billion, of which 60% to be excavated by miners, and the rest is distributed as follows:

  • CP Fund 22%
  • Team 12%
  • Private placement 6%