C-Trade Table of Contents

What is C-Trade?

C-Trade is a new generation digital currency derivatives trading platform established in 2019 and registered in the British Virgin Islands.

C-Trade has been inventing and researching first-class methods to give users the best trading experience.

C-Trade’s engineers, mathematicians and statisticians enjoy working in an environment full of adventurous and innovative spirits, constantly pursuing excellence through technological innovation.

C-Trade is a company led by technical engineers with more than 10 years of experience in quantitative trading in securities companies and investment banks.

C-Trade’s founders and engineers are all born as traders.

C-Trade understands the importance of user experience from trading experience and research.

With C-Trade’s expertise in trading, machine learning and artificial intelligence, C-Trade is building C-Trade to become the fairest, most humane and most reliable digital currency derivatives trading platform.

C-Trade is committed to providing users with a safe and fair trading platform, while also contributing professional knowledge to the digital currency and blockchain communities.

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What you can do with C-Trade?

There are mainly 3 investment activities you can do through C-Trade’s platform and app.

  1. Buy Cryptocurrency with your card;
  2. Convert your Cryptocurrency instantly;
  3. Cryptocurrency pairs margin trading with up to 1:150 leverage.

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1. Use fiat currency to buy cryptocurrency immediately

C-Trade is a partner of multiple Cryptocurrency exchanges that allow users to buy Cryptocurrency with cards.

C-Trade’s partners are:

Banxa is an international compliance gateway solution from fiat to cryptocurrency, suitable for exchanges, wallets and other cryptocurrency businesses.
XanPool is an internationally compliant fiat currency gateway software solution for cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets and other cryptocurrency-related businesses.

By using the above services, you can buy Cryptocurrencies instantly using your credit card on C-Trade’s app.

So how to buy cryptocurrency on C-Trade?

  1. Step 1: Choose the cryptocurrency you want to buy
    Enter the amount to be purchased in fiat or cryptocurrency.
  2. Step 2: Pick your preferred service provider
    Choose an offer and continue to process payment.
  3. Step 3: Receive cryptocurrency in your C-Trade account
    After completing the payment, check the balance in your account.

Buy Cryptos through C-Trade

2. Cryptocurrency Margin trading with 1:150 Leverage

Once you have money in C-Trade’s account, you can start trading Cryptocurrency pairs with 1:150 high leverage.

The available Cryptocurrency pairs on C-Trade are:

  • BTCUSD (Bitcoin vs USD)
  • ETHUSD (Ethereum vs USD)
  • BTCUSDT (Bitcoin vs Tether)
  • ETHUSDT (Ethereum vs Tether)
  • XRPUSDT (Ripple vs Tether)
  • DOGEUSDT (Dogecoin vs Tether)

C-Trade is one of a few Cryptocurrency brokers that offer 1:150 high leverage for margin trading.

Take advantage of C-Trade’s high leverage and the volatility of Cryptocurrency markets, to start earning like a pro.

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3. Convert Cryptos instantly

Through C-Trade’s platform, you can also convert Cryptocurrencies instantly with no complicated processes.

The Cryptocurrencies that can be converted through C-Trade are BTC, ETH and USDT.

Converting the Cryptocurrencies within the same C-Trade’s system will allow you to manage risks efficiently.

Convert Cryptocurrencies on C-Trade