What is Bybit?

Bybit is a global digital currency derivatives trading platform with users in 117 countries around the world, with an average daily transaction volume of more than 800 million US dollars.

The founding team is composed of professional investors and senior executives in the traditional financial field.

The core R&D team comes from Morgan Stanley, Tencent, Ping An, Noah, etc.

Bybit focuses on derivatives and is born for traders, adhering to the “user-oriented, technology-oriented” operating philosophy, always listening to users, caring about user needs, thinking about user experience, and committed to creating a fair, safe, efficient and humane Transaction ecology.

Bybit is the safest, fastest, most transparent, and user-friendly Bitcoin and Ethereum trading platform offering cryptocurrency perpetual contracts.

Bybit is headquartered in Singapore and registered in BVI.

The exchange secures clients’ funds with multi-signature cold wallet and multi-factor authentications.

See the below list to learn the main services offered by Bybit today.

One-Click Buy
You can buy Crypto within seconds on Bybit’s portal. You can also top up Balance via Bank Transfer or a Bank Card, or choose instant Crypto deposits to your spot account.
P2P Trading (0 Fees)
You can exchange tokens directly with other users. Bybit P2P supports 30+ Fiat Currencies and 300+ Payment Methods with Competitive prices.
Bybit Spot Trading
Buy & Sell Cryptocurrencies on the Spot. You can see the live chart to define the best moments to buy and sell.
Margin Trading & Leveraged Tokens
Invest with borrowed funds to boost returns. Bybit offers you a leverage without the risk of liquidation.
Trading Bot
Smart Trades Made Easy with Bybit’s trading bot. Automate your operations with this advanced tool.
Get early access to new tokens. You can see the schedule of the upcoming new launches here.
ByVotes & ByVotes Derivatives
Vote for Your Favorite Listings on Bybit. You can cast your votes & share prize pools.
Bybit Derivatives Portal
Derivatives Portal is a one-stop platform for all things Derivatives. Available products include USDT Perpetual, Copy Trading, USDC Perpetual, USDC Option, and Inverse Contracts.
More Than Derivatives
In this section, you can upgrade your trading experience with optimized products and trading tools. Such as Unified Margin Account, MetaTrader 4, and Leveraged Tokens are available.
Copy Trading
Let top traders work for you. With Bybit, you can copy trades of other profitable traders to your account in real-time.
Bybit Earn
Easy-access to grow your crypto. Browse a variety of financial investment products and get guaranteed yields and withdraw your deposited tokens anytime. Get high yield despite price volatility.
Liquidity Mining
Add liquidity and earn trading fees like professional market makers. The procedure is made easy for everyone.
Shark Fin
A low-risk gateway to earning enhanced yields with capital protection.
Bybit NFT
Explore NFTs from creators worldwide.

For inquiries, Bybit’s support team is available to reach for 24/7.

Go to bybit’s Official Website

Crypto Trading Info

On Bybit’s online trading platform (web-trader), you can trade perpetual contract of BTCUSD and ETHUSD.

“Perpetual Contract” has no expiration dates, unlike a normal CFD product.

Bybit’s web-trader has all standard features and a full set of order types including Limit, Market, Stop Loss, Take Profit, TS, FOK, IOC and others.

Leverage is up to 1:100 and NBP (Negative Balance Protection) is adopted for all traders’ accounts.

You can also signup to open a Demo account to try out their service without risking your own funds.

Open bybit’s Account for free