BTCC is a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in London, UK, established in June 2011, dedicated to making a reliable cryptocurrency trading experience easy for everyone.

What is BTCC?

BTCC is a UK-registered exchange and holds cryptocurrency financial licenses in the US, Canada and Europe.

In the past 11 years, BTCC has passed the test of hundreds of thousands of major markets with its top technology, and has been running safely and stably.

See the following list to find out what kind of service/options available for investors.

Fiat Deposit
Fund your account with USDT using Visa/Mastercard and start investing in Cryptocurrencies.
Crypto Deposit
Make instant crypto transfers to your futures account. You can transfer coins from other exchanges to BTCC directly.
With BTCC, you can convert your assets to different cryptos instantly with low fees.
USDT-Margined Futures
Go to the platform and trade futures contracts settled in USDT.
Coin-Margined Futures
Go to the platform and trade futures contracts settled in other cryptocurrencies.
Demo Trading – 100,000 USDT virtual fund
Practise trading USDT futures before investing your own fund.
Check the latest updates of the futures market and find the investment opportunities.
Campaigns – Get rewards daily
Join BTCC’s campaigns to receive exciting rewards.
VIP Programme to get discounts
Become a VIP user to enjoy exclusive privileges

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As the world’s longest-running exchange, BTCC has been focusing on doing transactions, growing with the entire industry, and constantly leading a fairer industry atmosphere and making transactions easier.

BTCC focuses on perfecting every step of the transaction.
BTCC has a growth mindset and love for improvement.
BTCC continuously optimizes the products and services to provide a more reliable crypto trading experience.
BTCC provides fair and just transaction services to every cryptocurrency enthusiast in the world.

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Why choose BTCC for contract trading?

Adhering to the concept of professionalism and fairness, it has been operating steadily since 2011, and its products have served more than 6 million users around the world.

Eleven years of precipitation, safe and stable
The world’s longest-running digital currency exchange, relying on technology and product accumulation innovatively launched physical delivery perpetual contracts. Independent research and development of professional trading system, multiple risk control to ensure asset security, stable operation for more than 11 years, no security incident has ever occurred.
Fair quotation, top liquidity
The BTCC index combines the spot prices of multiple mainstream exchanges and the comprehensive quotations of BTCC global liquidity providers to prevent price manipulation by a single exchange. The platform depth can accept 500 BTC at the same time, ensuring that each order is traded at the best price.
Ultra-low threshold, flexible transaction
A minimum of 3 USDT can be traded. A variety of leverage multiple options to improve the efficiency of capital use, and support up to 150 times leverage. BTCC has launched USDT contracts of 14 major mainstream currencies, 14 trading pairs, and you can make profits by going long or short.
Effectively protect the interests of users
Professional technology ensures that the platform can still operate stably without disconnection under extreme market conditions. The user’s loss of positions due to severe fluctuations in the market will be borne by the platform, and will be shared permanently.

BTCC attaches great importance to conducting business with various countries and regions on the premise of compliance and legality.

At present, BTCC has obtained regulatory licenses in many countries.

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