What is BKEX?

BKEX strives to make the circulation of digital assets more valuable.

Sign up for free to access the world’s leading digital asset trading platform where you can invest in 1200+ digital currencies.

Here is a list of investment services available through BKEX.

Express (Quickly Buy Coins)
You can buy and sell digital currency with one click in this section.
P2P Trading
Compare prices and make transactions through self-selected channels, the exchange through “P2P Trading” is more cost-effective.
Tri-party crypto trade
Formal three-party transactions. BKEX supports mainstream payment methods such as VISA/MS.
Market trends
In the “Market trends” seciton, you can take a look at a glance at the digital currency market.
Market Sector
You can explore the investment market and understand the market conditions of different sectors.
New listings
Focus on industry trends and discover high-quality new projects. See the new Cryptocurrency projects here.
You can see the list of projects, market changes, and quickly capture investment opportunities.
Copy trade masters
Copy trades of other investors and get profit quickly.
Spot trading
The gateway to one-click transaction investment. BKEX supports 3000+ currency projects for spot trading.
Leveraged tokens
Experience spot-like trading, and earn leverage income without never getting liquidated.
Perpetual contracts
1~100X leverage trading of USDⓈ-Margined perpetual contract.
Derivatives Copy Trade
With BKEX’s Derivatives Copy Trade, you can copy trades with one click and enjoy various benefits.
A variety of wealth management (staking) products. One-stop solution to earn stable income (high-interest rate).
Fixed Income
With BKEX’s “Fixed Income”, you can earn regular income. You can deposit and withdraw at any time.
Express Mining
A safe mining investment with BKEX. “Express Mining” delivers you stable financial management.
One-click staking with BKEX. You can easily mine coins here.
ETH 2.0
ETH2.0 mining is in full swing. Join BKEX to explore ETH 2.0 market.
Hashrate mining
Take advantage of BKEX’s cloud computing power which makes mining easier!

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bkex mobile app

Why BKEX’s platform/app is popular among Crypto investors?

There are many reasons why BKEX’s mobile app/platforrm is a popular choice among investors.

Premiere and high-quality projects
Express access to various markets. Discover high-quality projects to seize investment opportunities with BKEX.
1200+ digital assets
You can choose from 1200+ global markets. Trading is available 24 hours trading a day.
BKEX keeps your asset safe with multi-signature cold wallet storage.
Professional support
More than 10 years of financial risk control team is supporting API transactions of BKEX.
BKEX’s stability is supported with Global technical team, distributed parallel technology, and high-speed matching engine.

bkex mobile app

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BKEX Service Details

BKEX is operated by BTC King Technology Limited, and is the world’s first Digital Assets Trading Platform Based on Community Consensus.

The company is based in British Virgin Islands.

BKEX combines the high performance of the centralized exchange with the high reliability of the decentralized public-chain to provide global digital currency trading services of Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, NEO and many more Altcoins.

Relying on the BKEX public chain, it can realize secure storage of digital assets, project crowdfunding, asset issuance and establish a DPOS-based super node decision system.

BKEX strives to offer the following 6 advantages for investors:

  1. High performance
    • Up to 1.4 million single/second high performance coupling engine technology
  2. Safe and stable
    • Multi-tier, multi-cluster system architecture
  3. Multi-platform coverage
    • Support Web, iOS, Android, H5, WeChat and other devices
  4. High liquidity
    • Rich resources and numerous partners provide liquidity to the platform
  5. Multi-language support
    • Provides a wide range of language support worldwide
  6. Multi-currency support
    • BTC, ETH, NEO, EOS, QTUM, etc. (not fiat-currency)