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What is BITNEXT?

BITNEXT was founded in 2021 with the desire to “provide a platform to help trade cryptocurrency derivative traders around the world.” In 2021, BITNEXTmade a major upgrade to provide the most profitable environment for BITNEXT’s traders.

BITNEXT has realized the lowest transaction fee in the industry, as well as the return of transaction fees through the Reward Program and guilds, and complete equipment of UI / UX and trading tools that are easy for traders to use.

In the future, BITNEXT will continue to evolve to the Next step because it is an environment where traders can make the most profits.

BITNEXT has a financial license from the Republic of Panama.

State-of-the-art trading environment
BITNEXT is a platform for traders. In addition to the state-of-the-art UI, it comes standard with a super-rich support tool for traders.
Guild platform
A mission-type guild reward system in which all players participate. Supports communication between traders.
Rewards program
Reward Program where you can get super luxury products according to the transaction volume.

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Advantages of BITNEXT’s service

Trade signal assets with minimal transaction fees.

Taking the virtual currency trading environment one step further.

Zero cut system prevents margins from occurring.
Achieving the industry’s lowest Maker fee of 0.00% and Taker fee of 0.05%.
Supports various order conditions such as FOK and Post Only.
Introduced a highly redundant system configuration, a high-speed matching system, and a highly robust server. Achieve safe transactions even during sudden price fluctuations.
High leverage and overwhelming financial efficiency.
Providing a rich API not found in other companies.

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