What is BitMart?

Founded in 2017, BitMart is a compliant digital asset trading platform carefully built for individuals and professional institutions.

BitMart’s mission is to build the world’s top digital asset trading system and provide global users with efficient, fair and transparent digital asset financial services.

BitMart has always believed that decentralized digital assets will essentially reshape the global financial system, bringing us more efficient asset circulation, fairer resource allocation and more transparent transaction processes.

Under this brand-new financial system, BitMart will usher in a new round of global economic innovation and market innovation.

As the foundation of the financial system, trust is also the core of decentralized digital asset services. BitMart is well aware of the challenges faced by the digital asset ecosystem, so BitMart cherishes every trust. BitMart has been firmly committed to improving the compliance, stability and security of the platform. BitMart has made the reliability of the platform the core element from start to finish.
Easy to use
As a global trading platform, BitMart hopes that digital asset services can be easier to use and benefit more and more users around the world earlier. Therefore, BitMart always pays attention to the user’s operating experience, BitMart pursues the simplicity and ease of use of the service, and BitMart listens to the sincere feedback of users.
BitMart is committed to creating professional, stable and reliable financial services. BitMart is continuously supporting more top digital assets to provide customers with a variety of investment options. BitMart is constantly opening up the ecosystem to provide institutional users with an industry-leading developer platform. BitMart is continually integrating the industry experience to craft the best asset management solutions for institutions of all sizes.

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