Since its launch in November 2017, Bibox has been widely praised by industry experts and users, and has been rated as a global high-quality digital asset trading platform.


Open Bibox’s Crypto Account, exchange, trade and stake tokens

Follow the simple steps below to start investing in Crypto with Bibox, and get more bonuses, benefits and airdrops.

  1. Go to Bibox’s signup page;
  2. Enter your phone number or email address, along with your preferred password;
  3. Then click on “Signup”.

Here is the list of services Bibox offers:

Buy Crypto in the exchange
You can log in and quickly buy Cryptocurrencies at a low cost. You can also see the real-time exchange rates on the platform.
Cryptocurrency Exchange
Sign up on Bibox, the exchange will give you a various support to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.
Margin trading
See the prices changing, and place trades to increase your profits with leverage.
Spot API
For experts, Bibox provides an option for more efficient Spot transactions through API.
USDT-M Perpetual
There is a number of Perpetual Contracts settled in USDT on Bibox Global exchange.
COIN-M Perpetual
There are Perpetual Contracts settled in Cryptocurrency, but not only in USDT.
Global Super Trading Competition
Bibox monthly futures team battle officially opened. Come to join and win to share the grand prize pools.
Futures API
Through Futures platform, Bibox offers a more efficient Futures transactions through API
Professional digital assets custody. Stake your tokens to earn interests.
Lend and Earn
Lend coin to get interest, let coins bring you profits. Go to the exchange platform to find out more.
Treasure Box
Deposit coins for profit, spare coins earn interest. This is another way to start earning.
Bibox Bot
Bibox introduces multiple AI strategies for best returns.
Bibox Copy Trading
Industry pioneer, fund-alike mode, shared income. See the copy trading strategies provided by professionals.

Go to Bibox’s Official Website

Go to Bibox’s Official Website

Please be aware! There is a number of fake websites imitating the service of Bibox. Make sure that you are visiting the official website of Bibox but not others. Go to Bibox’s Official Website here.

What is Bibox?

Bibox provides Cryptourrency trading service through its own Online Trading Platform.

Bibox exchange is an artificial intelligence-based digital asset trading platform.

They provide secure, stable and reliable currency exchange for Bitcoin, Ethereum, BIX, NEO, EOS, OmiseGO, TenX, IOTA, Dogecoin, Qtum, HSR and many other digital currencies.

You can signup for free to start investing in over hundreds of Cryptocurrency pairs with Bibox.

To maintain its own ecosystem, Bibox issues its own token ‘BIX’ which is also available for trading in the exchange.

Visit Bibox’s Official Website

3 types of Cryptocurrency trading on Bibox

Sign up on Bibox, and you can start investing in the following 3 investment products.

Spot Trading
Currency trading, also known as spot trading, refers to the purchase of other types of digital currency with a certain digital currency as the unit of denomination.
Leveraged Trading (Margin Trading)
Margin trading means that users use their own funds as margin, and borrow N times the margin from the platform as the principal for investment.
Futures Trading
A Futures Trading is a financial derivative, which is a transaction relative to the spot market.

Open Bibox’s Account to start trading Cryptocurrencies.

Go to Bibox’s Registration Page

What makes Bibox better than other Crypto Exchanges?

Out of hundreds of Cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, there are many reasons why investors choose Bibox.

Strong security system
AI technology and micro-service split design and application, intelligently improve transaction security.
Professional elite team
Top practitioners in the fields of blockchain, finance, digital assets and AI building professional teams.
24/7 customer support
24/7 multilingual customer service support, ready to handle your inquiry.
Smooth operating system
Megabit memory matching system to achieve tens of millions of users per second throughput.
Multiple trading options
More than 400 kinds of tokens and more than 270 trading pairs, providing rich trading options

Go to Bibox’s Official Website to find out more about their service.

Go to Bibox’s Official Website

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