Why choose BaseFEX to invest in Cryptos?

There are many exchanges now, but among the many exchanges, what makes BaseFEX stand out is the determination to defend the original spirit of digital currency.

BaseFEX is committed to living the values ​​through every minute and every second.

Highest level of security verification
BaseFEX received an A+ security rating in Mozilla’s Observatory report. Only 4 of the more than 400 exchanges have achieved this highest level of security certification.
24/7 online support
BaseFEX seriously serves each trader and provide institutional-level professional services. If you have any questions, you can always contact the customer service.
Extremely low transaction fees
BaseFEX despises any hidden fees or any hidden system settings that are detrimental to user transactions. You can click here for details on fees.
100x leverage
Perpetual contracts for BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, EOS, and BNB support up to 100x leverage

BaseFEX does its best to minimize external risks, so that BaseFEX traders can focus on trading itself and enjoy a truly fair and equitable trading environment – this is what an exchange should do best.

More merits to invest with BaseFEX

Open and aboveboard
The original intention of the establishment of BaseFEX is that BaseFEX cannot stand some exchanges using despicable means such as “system errors” to infringe on user rights and interests. BaseFEX absolutely does not gamble with users.
Eliminate downtime
BaseFEX uses the cutting-edge technology of leading Internet companies to build an ultra-high-capacity transaction engine to ensure smooth transactions throughout the day.
100% cold wallet
BaseFEX ensures the highest level of asset security for users, and all user assets are stored in multi-signature cold wallets.
Complete API
It integrates seamlessly with programmatic trading tools, processing tens of thousands of transactions per second. Click here to view.
Integrity is gold
There are absolutely no hidden fees or black box operations. BaseFEX is determined to be a different exchange and live up to your trust.
No KYC verification required
BaseFEX always adheres to the original intention of “respecting privacy” of digital currency, and will never leak your personal information to any government organization or institution.
Stablecoin Contract
You can settle with USDT. So you don’t need to worry about market volatility after the transaction is completed. Click here to start trading

BaseFEX’s Android and iOS Apps are at your disposal.

You can monitor and intervene in positions at any time, no matter where you are.