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Tradeview is an internationally regulated ECN broker offering valid solutions for investing in global markets. Operating for over two decades in the online trading sector, the broker constantly strives to evolve the quality of service, offering cutting-edge tools and functions and high security standards. The main goal of the broker is to create an environment structured to ensure the most modern technologies, extreme flexibility, and constant, friendly, and professional support. Essential characteristics to allow traders of any level to operate at their best.

Furthermore, the broker allows clients access to a well-structured educational section that enables traders of any category to acquire information and expand their knowledge. Beginner traders can start to know the markets, develop initial strategies, and understand their style. Experts in the field can refine their techniques and update themselves to create well-structured strategies.

Being an STP – ECN broker, Tradeview allows traders to interact directly with the markets without any intermediation and to exploit a dense network of electronic communications for direct contact with liquidity providers. This ensures reduced spreads, minimal trading expenses, and real prices.

  • Rigorously regulated by CIMA and recognized by 32 of the world’s leading financial regulators, the broker offers a transparent service with the highest security standards to protect the client.
  • Clients’ funds are safe in segregated accounts at Tier 1 banks.
  • Ultra-competitive spreads starting from 0.0 pip.
  • Possibility to trade with leverage up to a maximum of 1:400.
  • A wide range of instruments to trade, including 25 of the world’s most liquid currency pairs, precious metals, CFDs on US and European indices, cryptocurrencies, and much more.
  • A dedicated account manager available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, guaranteed to all accounts with a minimum deposit of $2,500. Personalized support to ensure full market operation for the trader.
  • Possibility to trade in micro lots on any available account.
  • Market execution quick and without requotes.
  • No dealing desk intervention, allowing clients to interact on the markets without any intermediary.
  • ECN technology (Electronic Communication Network): an electronic system that allows the direct crossing of buy and sell orders, with the sole objective of executing them according to client requests. Consequently, the broker will act as an intermediary but without interfering with the prices.
  • Trading commissions starting from zero.
  • Negative balance protection: which does not allow the trader to lose more than what is deposited on their account.
  • Withdrawals and deposits without any additional commission. The trader can choose the most suitable financing method for their needs and carry out transactions securely.
  • State-of-the-art platforms rich in tools and services of the latest generation for trading at the highest levels.
  • A flexible account list, created to allow any trader to invest at their best in the markets.

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Cryptocurrency trading with Tradeview

An enticing market with countless investment opportunities, given its characteristics, the cryptocurrency market is chosen for trading by over 60% of traders worldwide. Highly volatile and with extreme liquidity, it allows traders to achieve excellent results through the creation of accurate strategies.

Following are its main characteristics:

A decentralized market.
Unlike traditional markets, the crypto market is not subject to control by any institutions, entities, or governments. Consequently, it is not influenced by factors such as a country’s economic status or sudden market changes. The price of each cryptocurrency varies solely based on market supply and demand.
Easily accessible.
Anyone can invest in this market. Industry experts and beginners can trade crypto simply by connecting to the internet without any connection to traditional financial systems.
Low cost.
Not having to undergo periodic controls and regulations imposed, the crypto market offers low-cost trading with manageable commissions and nearly non-existent exchange fees. Just like trading costs, deposits and withdrawals will also be economical, fast, and secure.
Rapid transactions.
Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies, and their value is not based on any real currency. Unlike transactions carried out through banks or other credit institutions, crypto transactions are executed almost instantly and securely.
High security standards.
All transactions and operations followed cannot be modified in any way and are automatically recorded on a public blockchain that ensures maximum transparency. Furthermore, through an extremely complex cryptographic system, the crypto markets guarantee high levels of security both on operations and on the personal data of the trader.
Full control.
To manage their operations and funds, traders will not have to rely on any intermediary.
Diversify the portfolio.
A suitable solution for optimal portfolio diversification. Chosen by many traders as a “safe haven” asset, cryptocurrencies are useful for protecting against potential variations in traditional markets, significant news, inflation, etc.
High liquidity.
Almost all crypto instruments on the market are extremely liquid. This results in fast convertibility into cash with very manageable costs. Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, and USD Coin are among the cryptocurrencies with the highest liquidity.
Non-stop trading.
Unlike traditional markets, the crypto market does not have closing days or hours. The trader can trade and manage their operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tradeview offers its clients the opportunity to trade on crypto through Contracts for Difference (CFDs). A type of investment that allows betting on price fluctuations of the selected instrument without having to purchase it. An excellent solution for a highly volatile market.

The available cryptocurrencies are four of the most popular and traded in the market: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin.

Instrument Name Pip value per lot (100,000) Spread
BitcoinUSD Bitcoin – US Dollar $ 10 Variable starting from 9 pips
ETHUSD CFD on Ethereum – US Dollar $ 10 Variable starting from 1.5 pips
LTCUSD CFD on Litecoin – US Dollar $ 10 Variable starting from 1.25 pips
XPRUSD CFD on Ripple – US Dollar $ 10 Variable starting from 1.25 pips
BTCJPY CFD on Bitcoin – Japanese Yen $ 0.09 Variable starting from 16070
  • Leverage up to 1:10
  • Minimum deposit of $1,000 for BTC transactions

Invest in crypto with Tradeview

Tradeview account list

Although not particularly extensive, the list of available accounts offers innovative and cutting-edge solutions compatible with any level of experience or type of trader. Beginners and experts can choose the most suitable account for their needs and begin trading, making the most of their skills. Additionally, should traders wish to test the offered environment without risking any loss, they can opt for opening a demo account and begin trading with virtual funds.

Specifically, this type of account is an excellent solution for novice traders who intend to gain experience and improve their techniques before engaging in real trading.

The accounts offered by the broker are:

  • Innovative Liquidity Connector
  • Account X Leverage

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Innovative Liquidity Connector

Undoubtedly a unique type of account, the Innovative Liquidity Connector account gives traders exclusive access to the best market offers from over 50 of the world’s top banks and other liquidity providers. Mainly suitable for experienced traders, the account features ideal characteristics for creating complex strategies and high-volume trading. Direct market access, competitive spreads, no minimum trading volume, leverage up to 1:100, and much more to maximize the advantage of any operation.

  1. The possibility of receiving the best market prices available thanks to over 50 high-level liquidity providers.
  2. The high technology of the Innovative Liquidity Connector allows traders to view the best BID/OFFER and select the most suitable instrument for their needs.
  3. Once the product is selected, the trader can execute the operation. Lightning-fast execution speed and minimally reduced spreads will allow the client to gain the maximum advantage from any negotiation.
  4. The operation will be executed at the best price available from one or more liquidity providers.
  • The ECN technological forefront offered by the broker allows the trader to merge their LPs, creating an efficient order portfolio and the best offer available on the markets.
  • The Innovative Liquidity Connector does not have a minimum trading volume. This allows traders to diversify their portfolio best and have excellent risk management.
  • The broker collaborates with over 50 different banks and main liquidity providers to allow clients direct access to the best market prices through the BBO (Best Bid/Best Offer) system.
  • To offer traders the best trading possibilities, all available services are located in the CNS LD4 data center, connected via fiber optic cables to the extensive list of liquidity providers.
  • Any positive slippages will not be filtered.
Features Innovative Liquidity Connector
Spread Variable starting from 0.0 pips
Trading commissions $2.50 per side
Minimum deposit in US dollars (or equivalent currency) $1,000.00
Available instruments 100
Base currency of the account USD – EUR – GBP – JPY
Max leverage Up to 1:100
Minimum trade size 0.1 lot
5-digit trading Available
Hedging Yes
Automated trading Yes
Scalping Available
Corporate account Yes
Joint account Available on request
Individual account Yes
Available platforms MT4 MT5 cTrader
Exchange server location London Equinix LD4
Requoting None
No Dealing Desk Yes
Ultra-fast execution Available
Price/time priority matching algorithm Yes
Liquidity streaming with level-tier bank orders Yes
Trading anonymity Yes
Multiple prime brokerage Available

Open an Innovative Liquidity Connector account with Tradeview

X Leverage Account

An account designed to meet the needs of any type of trader, the X Leverage account offers standardized features that allow both beginner and professional traders to interact optimally in the markets. In addition to direct market access without intermediaries and ECN technology, the account offers extremely advantageous conditions with low spreads, no trading commissions, and a maximum leverage of up to 1:400. A minimum trading size of 0.01 lots, a minimum deposit of just $100, and negative balance protection (preventing the trader from losing more than what is deposited) allow the client to have excellent risk management and trade with greater caution if deemed necessary.

Features X Leverage Account
Spread Variable according to the market
Trading commissions Zero
Minimum deposit in US dollars (or equivalent currency) $100
Available instruments 100
Base currency of the account USD – EUR – GBP – JPY
Max leverage Up to 1:400
Minimum trade size 0.01 lot
5-digit trading Available
Hedging Yes
Automated trading Yes
Scalping Available
Corporate account Yes
Joint account Available on request
Individual account Yes
Available platforms MT4 MT5 cTrader
Exchange server location London Equinix LD4
Requoting None
No Dealing Desk Yes
Ultra-fast execution Available
Price/time priority matching algorithm Yes
Liquidity streaming with level-tier bank orders Yes
Trading anonymity Yes
Multiple prime brokerage Available

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Comparing Accounts

Every trader in the world invests according to their logic and interests. Every trader is different and distinguished by many factors such as investment volume, experience, intuition, and risk propensity. Finding an account that perfectly matches one’s modus operandi is one of the main goals of a trader. The list of accounts offered by the broker has been carefully structured to provide every trader with the right solution for their needs. By consulting the following comparative table, it will be possible to understand more clearly which of the offered accounts is most compatible with one’s style and level of experience.

Features Innovative Liquidity Connector X Leverage Account
Spread Variable starting from 0.0 pips Variable according to the market
Trading commissions $2.50 per side None
Minimum deposit in US dollars (or equivalent currency) $1,000.00 $100
Available instruments 100 100
Base currency of the account USD – EUR – GBP – JPY USD – EUR – GBP – JPY
Max leverage Up to 1:100 Up to 1:400
Minimum trade size 0.1 lot 0.01 lot
5-digit trading Available Available
Hedging Yes Yes
Automated trading Yes Yes
Scalping Available Available
Corporate account Yes Yes
Joint account Available on request Available on request
Individual account Yes Yes
Available platforms MT4 MT5 cTrader MT4 MT5 cTrader
Exchange server location London Equinix LD4 London Equinix LD4
Requoting None None
No Dealing Desk Yes Yes
Ultra-fast execution Available Available
Price/time priority matching algorithm Yes Yes
Liquidity streaming with limited orders from tier-level banks Yes Yes
Trading anonymity Yes Yes
Multiple prime brokerage Available Available

Open a real account with Tradeview

How to Open a Tradeview Account

Regardless of the trader’s country of residence, the registration process to open a real account does not change. The client can register by providing the necessary information, verify the account, and make a deposit to invest easily and with high security standards for the protection of the client’s data. Additionally, by answering some questions about their knowledge and trading experience, the client allows the broker to assess which account is most suitable for their characteristics.

To open a new account with the broker, simply follow these very simple steps:

First Step.
To start, the interested trader must visit the official website and click on the red “live account” icon visible at the top right of the page. In the new screen, the trader will choose whether to open an individual, joint, or corporate account.
Second Step.
In this page, the trader can begin the registration by filling out the form, inserting all the requested information. The form is divided into 3 steps: personal information, income and occupation information, trading experience.

  • Personal information: choose the platform to use, account currency, name, surname, place and date of birth, passport number and expiry, nationality, city and country of residence, address and ZIP code, phone number (both landline and mobile), gender, marital status, and a valid email. Declare not being a resident citizen of the United States.
  • Income and occupation information: banking information (name of the bank, banking address, SWIFT -ABA – IBAN), employment information (employment and annual salary), total assets (total annual income, approximate net worth, capital to be invested), source of wealth (inheritance, salary, etc.).
  • Evaluation of trading experience. The trader will have to answer questions to allow the broker to ascertain the client’s actual level of experience: years of experience, trade volume and frequency for each existing market, volume of anticipated deposits on an annual basis, purpose of opening the account.
Third Step.
To successfully complete the registration, the client must undergo a verification process to prove their real identity and country of origin. To continue, it will be necessary to send a clear front and back photo of a valid identification document (driver’s license, ID card, passport) and a document proving their residence such as a recent utility bill (electricity, gas, internet), certificate of residence, or a bank statement. Sign the digital contract and carefully read the terms and conditions. Click on “submit”
Last Step.
If successful, the client can proceed with a deposit (through a wide range of available payment methods) and start trading in markets around the world.

We would like to remind you that if a potential client wants to thoroughly know the offered environment without risking funds, they can open a demo version of the selected account and trade in markets around the world using virtual funds at zero risk.

Open a real account with Tradeview

Available Platforms

In addition to offering the possibility to trade to the best of one’s abilities with fully compatible accounts, the broker allows its clients to interact on the markets through cutting-edge platforms. The latest generation software that combines advanced tools and functions with simplicity of use to provide any trader with the opportunity to maximize every potential investment.

The platforms available with the broker are:

  • MT4.
  • MT5.
  • cTrader.
  • FXBook Autotrade.

Invest on Tradeview platforms


Considered the software that revolutionized online trading, MT4 is absolutely the most popular and widely used platform in the world thanks to its innovative features. Created with the sole objective of allowing any category of trader to invest at their best in the markets, MT4 offers excellent solutions for both beginner and expert traders. MT4 provides access to an extremely intuitive interface that allows traders of any level to manage their operations with flexibility and efficiency. The platform offers a wide range of state-of-the-art tools and functions including advanced charts, technical indicators, strategy testers, and much more. All aimed at conducting trading at an excellent level and with high safety standards.

The most appreciated feature of the platform is its total customization, allowing traders to adjust numerous parameters and functions to invest to the best of their abilities. Among the customizable tools, automated trading is undoubtedly the most innovative. With access to the service, traders can use free trading robots, create new ones in line with their style, or purchase them from the dedicated store. Additionally, before using it on the markets, the client can test their EA and verify its efficiency.

To have optimal risk management, Tradeview has integrated an innovative app into the MT4 platform: Tradeview Drawdown Controller. The software allows setting a maximum loss threshold. This way, every trader can accurately manage each negotiation, which will automatically close upon reaching the set loss.

  • The loss threshold can be set either as a percentage or in absolute terms.
  • The software is easy to download and use thanks to ready-to-use configuration settings.
  • It does not require high system resources to be installed.
  • Possibility to stop the overall loss.
  • Once logged in, the customer in the Input tab can choose the instrument to invest in. Select “True” and the parameter “Drawdown_Control_On_Money” to set the loss threshold.
Features MT4
Order execution types 3
Available pending orders 4
Included symbols 1024
Technical indicators 30
Programming language MQL4
Chart timeframes 9
Included analytical objects 31
Strategy tester Single thread
Trading signals and copy trading Not available
Reports Tables only
Economic calendar Not integrated
Tradeview Drawdown Controller Available

MT4 is compatible with any existing device and operating system. Traders can choose the right version for their mode of operation and trade from desktop, mobile app, and web.

  • Desktop version (fixed devices): Windows and MAC
  • Mobile version: app for IOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Web version: Available on any device that can connect to the internet. The software does not require any download.

Invest on the MT4 platform Tradeview


One of the most powerful software in the world for online trading, the multi-asset MT5 platform offers traders cutting-edge tools and services, designed to allow professional trading at high performance. The software allows traders to trade a wide range of instruments (including forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, futures, and CFDs) through a functional and intuitive interface. Although primarily designed for experienced traders, the platform’s environment, though challenging, is suitable for traders of any category. Consequently, both beginners and experts can operate with extreme ease and efficiency, using everything needed to create strategies and invest at their best. State-of-the-art charts, technical analysis tools, technical indicators, scripts, strategy testers, and much more.

Fully customizable, the platform adapts to the trader’s needs, who can modify numerous tools and customize indicators, trading robots, charts, strategies, and much more.

In addition to integrating tools and functions from the older MT4, MT5 presents additional services and significant updates.

  • MT5 supports copy trading, through which the client can select, follow, and automatically copy the operations carried out by professionals in the field, gaining the same benefits.
  • The customizable automated trading feature is significantly improved, including: optimization of trading robots in MQL5 language and integrated strategy testers (Multi-Threaded). The client can purchase, rent, or create fully compatible trading robots according to their style.
  • One-click trading: a highly sought-after service by traders that allows the execution of multiple operations with a simple mouse click. Essential for quickly responding to market changes.

Main Features MT5
Available pending orders 6
Data processing speed 64-bit, single thread
Reports Charts (HTML5) and tables
Offered strategy tester Multi-thread
Available symbols Unlimited
Technical indicators 38
Chart timeframes 21
Included analytical objects 44
Economic calendar Integrated
Strategy tester Multi-thread
Available symbols Unlimited
Integrated technical indicators 38 chat Not available
Exchange trading Available
Possibility of transferring funds between accounts Available
Hedging Yes
Order execution types 3
Trading signals Available
Copy trading Yes

Like MT4, the MT5 multi-asset platform is compatible with any device and operating system. The client can download the software and log in within minutes. Additionally, if the trader does not have an account, they can register and verify it directly from the platform.

  • Desktop version available for MAC and Windows devices.
  • Mobile trading app compatible with IOS and Android devices.
  • Web version that does not require any download to use. The client will simply need to connect to the internet to access the platform?

Invest on the MT5 platform Tradeview


The first software ever to support ECN trading, cTrader is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated and efficient platforms in the world. The platform offers a simple and clear user interface, suitable for traders of any category, who will have the opportunity to trade in markets around the world, making the most of their capabilities. In addition to supporting direct execution without intermediaries and direct access to over 50 liquidity providers, cTrader offers clients a wide range of tools and functions. Extremely flexible and fully customizable, cTrader allows the client to shape tools, services, and functions according to their needs. The software allows traders to execute orders despite having access to the full depth of the market. With access to over 50 banks and major liquidity providers (Tradeview’s Liquidity Connector) and leveraging the platform’s high technology, the client will have access to an excellent trading environment, capable of meeting any trader’s needs.

Among the main functions of the platform, we find:

  • State-of-the-art charts that are fully customizable and nearly instant order execution.
  • 26 trading timeframes.
  • Over 50 customizable technical indicators.
  • More than 16 drawing tools.
  • A wide range of tools for fundamental analysis that will allow the client to better understand the markets and create increasingly effective strategies.
Rapid execution.
The software supports the service for processing multiple orders simultaneously, allowing the insertion of multiple orders at once without waiting times.
Chart viewing.
cTrader offers the possibility to use on chart over 26 different time frames to enable both novice and experienced traders to create high-level strategies.
Multi account.
Possibility to negotiate with multiple accounts simultaneously and with different base currencies available.
Second level prices.
Extremely attractive market depth that offers a wide range of advantageous prices, transmitted directly from liquidity providers.
A team composed of professionals in the field, available in over 14 languages to better support clients from all over the world, 24 hours a day.

cTrader is compatible with all existing devices and is available in various versions suitable for any operating system.

  • cTrader for desktop for MAC and Windows devices.
  • Downloadable app in the stores for both IOS and Android devices.
  • Web version that does not require any download to be used.

Invest on cTrader Tradeview platform

My FXBook Autotrade for Social Trading

An innovative platform for copy trading created by the broker that allows clients to choose, follow, and copy the operations of carefully selected professionals in the field. It works like this, the trader can request access to the platform and view the list of available professionals. By selecting a Master, the client can learn every detail (risk propensity, investment volume, success percentage, experience, trading preferences, etc.) and decide if it is compatible with their needs. Once the professional to follow is chosen, the client can copy their strategies which will be automatically reproduced on their account. The professional will receive a commission only for the strategies copied with positive outcomes.

Although the strategies are executed automatically, the trader will always have full control of their account and the copied operations. The client can decide whether to close the position, set any functions for risk management, and terminate relations with the Master at any time.

Copy trading is a type of investment that offers numerous solutions.

  • Traders unable to constantly follow their own operations for various reasons such as work, studies, and other commitments, will be able to copy strategies and wait for the results.
  • In addition to economic benefits from copied operations, beginners unsure of their own skills, will be able to expand their knowledge and improve their style by viewing the work of professionals in the field.
  • Experts in trading will have the opportunity to use the service to diversify their portfolio in the best way.
Wide list of professionals.
Thousands of experts in the field, each with their own modus operandi. The trader can select the one most compatible with their needs.
Live Account.
Any account available on the platform is live. This means that all strategies are constantly updated in real time.
Optimal portfolio diversification.
By being able to copy the operations of several professionals simultaneously, the client can diversify their portfolio in the best way.
Maximum transparency.
All data on strategies to be copied and masters are carefully detailed and updated in real time.
Strategy test
Before investing in the copied strategies, the client can test them without running any risk of loss.
Accurate selection.
Every professional on the list is carefully examined and checked by the MYFXBook team.

To start copying the operations of professionals, the client will need to:

  • Access their own rigorously verified account. If the trader does not have one, they can open one by clicking here
  • Send an email to [email protected] to request access to the platform.
  • Wait a maximum of 24 hours for the broker’s approval and connect their own account to start copying strategies.

Invest on My FXBook Autotrade Tradeview platform