Join Crypto Summertime Special of Binance

This promotion runs from 17:00 on August 10, 2022 to 07:59 on August 19, 2022 (East Eighth District time).

Participate in trading and collect volleyballs: In the following specified spot and leveraged trading pairs, a single transaction of no less than 100 BUSD (buy or sell) can get 1 chance to draw.

Every time you complete a qualifying transaction, you can go to the event page to draw a volleyball.

The more qualifying trades you complete, the more volleyballs you get.




During the event, successfully collect 5 volleyballs on the event page to unlock the volleyball trophy, and you will be eligible for the reward.

The more volleyballs you get, the more rewards you get a share of 50,000 BUSD coupons.

During the event, users who have successfully unlocked the volleyball trophy and the cumulative effective total trading volume (buy + sell) of all designated trading pairs in the event, not less than 100 BUSD, can share according to the number of volleyballs obtained on the event page.

The top ten users will share 15,000 BUSD equally. The non-top ten qualified users will share the 35,000 BUSD coupon reward according to the proportion of the number of volleyballs collected (excluding the top ten users)

Reward calculation formula: single user reward = (the number of volleyballs held by this user / the total number of volleyballs held by all qualified users ) * 35,000 BUSD equivalent card coupons

*Please note: Except for the first ten eligible users. Rewards for other qualified users are capped at 500 BUSD equivalent vouchers.

Participating users must complete personal identity verification (KYC) before the end of the event, and complete at least one eligible transaction of no less than 100 BUSD (buy or sell) in the spot and leveraged trading pairs specified by the event rules.

Event rewards will be distributed within 4 weeks after the event ends.

Cards and coupons can be viewed and collected in My – Cards and Coupon Center. Cards and coupons are valid within 14 days from the date of issuance. Click to learn how to use the card and coupons.

The probability of being drawn for each volleyball may be different.

Users need to collect all 5 volleyballs and successfully unlock the volleyball trophy to get the reward, any other combination will not be eligible for the award.

There is no limit on the number of times users can ask for and give away volleyballs, and they can be done at any time during the event.

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