FSN online benefits. Deposit, purchase and trade, then share $12,000 equivalent FSN.

Fusion is an interoperable financial innovation ecosystem.

The project party provides the FUSION solution for the era of encrypted finance.

FUSION will establish a layer of control management on top of various tokens through distributed management of token private keys, and by providing ports for central organizations and external data sources To connect various value tokens to solve the problem of interoperability.

To provide more trading options, after rigorous reviews, CoinEx will list FSN at 03:00 on October 14, 2021 (UTC), and launch “FSN Online Bonus: Deposit, Buy & Trade to Share $12,000 Worth of FSN” event.

Share $12,000 Worth of FSN

The details are as follows.

  1. Deposit: 03:00 Oct 14, 2021 (UTC)
  2. Withdrawal: 00:00 Oct 14, 2021 (UTC)
  3. Trading pair: FSN/USDT FSN/BTC
  4. Opening method: Call Auction
    • Call Auction
      03:00-06:50 Oct 14, 2021 (UTC)
      Orders can be placed and canceled
      06:50-07:00 Oct 14, 2021 (UTC)
      Orders can be placed but cannot be canceled
    • Trading
      07:00 Oct 14, 2021 (UTC)

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