CoinEX has added XYO Network, Vega protocol, Qredo, dYdX, and Rari Capital for trading.

Here are the newly added Cryptocurrencies to CoinEX.

XYO Network (XY Oracle Network) is a decentralized network that can implement hierarchical location verification in many device categories and protocols. The goal of the XYO network is to create a trustless , decentralized location oracle system that can resist attacks and generate the highest possible certainty when querying available data.
The Vega protocol is a margin trading financial product built on a decentralized network. The network uses POS as a consensus mechanism to ensure security and promotes fully automated end-to-end margin transactions and complex financial products. Anyone can use the agreement to establish a decentralized market. The built-in liquidity incentive matches traders and market makers of any financial product to solve the problem of attracting and allocating market makers resources, especially for the long tail market.
Qredo is a decentralized custody with blockchain interoperability, fast settlement and security. The Qredo network consists of two encrypted linked protocols that work in sync to provide privacy and non-repudiation.
dYdX is a decentralized derivatives trading protocol that adopts the design of “off-chain matching + on-chain settlement” to make funds and transactions more secure and transparent, while also ensuring higher performance and response speed.
Rari Capital is a set of decentralized financial agreements designed to bridge the gap between technology and non-technology, and bring a large number of users to this industry. The platform has established a series of products that can create and bring benefits to users, so that users’ existing assets have a simple and safe way to add value.

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