CEX.IO now recommends Google Authentication for your Security

CEX.IO has added another security option for users to protect their accounts. Now you may activate the 2-Step Authentication along with others to secure your accounts.

Current security service

  • Smartphone Application (Google Authenticator)
  • SMS – Short Mail

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Why setup the Google Authentication?

By installing the application “Google Authenticator”, you can securely access and protect your account even when you have lost your mobile devices.

How to setup the 2-Step Authentication

It is easy to setup the Google 2FA within your account.

  1. Download the Google App “Google Authenticator”
  2. Login to the Client Portal of CEX.IO
  3. Click on “Profile” and “Security”
  4. Click on “Enable 2FA” button
  5. Read the QR Code and follow the instructions

C-CEX Client Portal Login