Bybit's Take Profit and Stop Loss 2.0 - Extra Simplicity and Confidence

The derivatives market is developing rapidly, but the market volatility of cryptocurrencies often brings great risks to investors. If there is an “artifact” to control risks, it would be great!

Bybit has fully upgraded the “take profit and stop-loss” function, the purpose is to better protect your trading profit.

This upgrade will make your trading experience smoother and easier.

The two modes of “full stop-loss” and “partial stop-loss” can be switched arbitrarily

Take profit
Once the profit target is reached, the trader can lock in a profit by automatically closing the position.
Stop loss
Once the lossable price is reached, the position will be automatically closed to avoid heavy losses.

“Partial Stop Loss” allows traders to set multiple stop-loss orders to achieve partial liquidation when the price plummets.

In this way, when the market reverses, you still hold a certain position, and you can also get the remaining position profit when the price rises.

When the stop-profit and stop-loss are not set, you can switch between the two modes of “full take profit and stop-loss” or “partial stop-loss”.

In the “All Take Profit and Stop Loss” mode, only one take profit and stop-loss order is allowed for the position.

The new order will automatically overwrite the existing order without any manual changes.

Regardless of increasing or decreasing the number of positions, the take profit and stop loss are still valid and apply to all positions after the update.

In the “Partial Take Profit and Stop Loss” mode, you can set partial take profit and stop loss for the position.

You can set up to 20 take profit and stop-loss orders to make your profit or exit strategy more flexible.

Suppose you place an order to buy 100 BTCUSDT contracts at $10,500, and you want to take profit of 20 BTCUSDT contracts at $12,000, then you can use “Partial Stop Loss” to set a take profit of $12,000 for 20 contracts, The remaining 80 contracts will continue to be held.

Condition order fully supports take profit and stop loss
The condition sheet can help you better execute the trading strategy, without delay in profit and risk control.
Comprehensive stop profit and stop loss, richer user experience
You can set stop-profit and stop-loss under “Activity Order” and “Conditional Order” at any time.

Whether you are an experienced trader or a beginner trading novice, the new take profit and stop-loss can help you develop a better exit strategy in the ever-changing market conditions, and minimize the risk under unfavorable market conditions.

So, come and experience the more powerful “Take Profit and Stop Loss”.

At present, this function upgrade is only applicable to USDT perpetual contracts.

In the future, it will be applicable to reverse perpetual contracts and delivery contracts that will be launched soon.

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