In order to meet the needs of traders to perform multi-strategy transactions, Bybit has recently launched the “Subaccount” function!

You can develop different trading strategies in different sub-accounts.

1. Separate use of your account

You can create 20 sub-accounts under a master account, which has met the needs of formulating different trading strategies.

Each sub-account will contain an independent trading account, profit and loss will also be calculated independently, you can better measure your different trading strategies.

Create 20 sub-accounts with Bybit

2. No fund transfer fees

There will be no charge for the transfer of funds between the main account and the sub-account.

In addition, the sub-account will also enjoy a discount on the transaction fee of the master account.

Currently, Bybit has not yet supported the transfer of funds between sub-accounts.

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3. Ideal for all traders

Users can directly transfer funds to Bybit’s sub-accounts, and the main account has access and control rights to all sub-accounts.

*Sub-accounts are not applicable to any deposit and withdrawal operations.

*Currently, subaccounts are only available on the PC trading page.

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