Comparison of Bitcoin CFD trading brokers with the Lowest Cost (Spread, Fee and Swap Points).

Trade Bitcoin (BTCUSD) with the lowest fee and commission

Looking for a CFD broker where you can trade Bitcoin (BTCUSD) at the lowest cost?

We have done the research for you and lined up the major CFD brokers with the best Bitcoin trading conditions here.

See the table below to see the comparison of major CFD brokers.

Crypto Brokers Bitcoin Spread Max Leverage Swap Costs Trading Session
XM From $39 (No Commission) 1:250 None 24/7
EXNESS From $58.2 (No Commission) 1:400 (Limited to 1:200 on weekends) None 24/7
CryptoAltum From $1.75 (No Commission) 1:500 Charged 24/7
FBS $30 (No Commission) 1:5 Charged 24/7
FXPro $50 (No Commission) 1:2 Charged 24/7 $99 (No Commission) 1:2 Charged 24/7
IC Markets $9 (No Commission) 1:200 Charged 24/7
Axi $40 (No Commission) 1:100 Charged 24/7
eToro $200 (No Commission) 1:2 Charged 24/7
The table above compares the trading condition of BTCUSD. We have taken the lowest trading cost and best conditions of each broker, but the conditions may be different depending on the account type you choose.

1. CryptoAltum for Scalping and Day Traders

For Scalping traders (or day traders) of Bitcoin (BTCUSD), CryptoAltum can offer you the most convenient solution.

In terms of the spread of BTCUSD, CryptoAltum offers you the lowest in the industry, which is only about $1.75 USD per lot.

The spread of CryptoAltum is stable most of the time, so you can perform scalping on BTCUSD with no problem.

CryptoAltum also does not have restrictions in terms of trading conditions.

The leverage CryptoAltum offers is also one of the highest.

With 1:500, you can manage a small fund to trade bigger which is especially needed for traders with a scalping strategy.

Trade BTCUSD with the lowest spread

2. Exness and XM for Swing Traders

For traders who want to hold BTCUSD positions for the long term, Exness and XM are recommended.

Exness especially focuses on Cryptocurrencies with high yield (for staking) and the broker offers various major and minor Cryptocurrencies with the swap-free condition.

Exness does not have a limitation on the time you hold the positions, so you can leave Cryptocurrency positions as long as you want.

Exness’s 1:400 high leverage also supports you to maintain your positions open.

Trade BTCUSD Swap-Free on EXNESS

XM had ceased offering Cryptocurrencies last year but has started offering again in 2022.

Now XM is also offering a number of Cryptocurrency pairs with the swap-free condition.

The leverage is also relatively high at 1:250, so it will also help you maintain your positions for a longer period.

Trade BTCUSD Swap-Free on XM

Why trade BTCUSD instead of Bitcoin?

Some of you may be wondering why traders choose to trade Bitcoin CFDs (BTCUSD) instead of the actual Bitcoin.

There are some merits to trading Bitcoin in a form of CFDs.

High Leverage
Like Exness with 1:400 leverage and CryptoAltum with 1:500 leverage, Bitcoin CFD allows you to utilize a high leverage when trading.
On the other hand, you cannot use leverage when buying actual Bitcoin.
No need of digital wallet
When trading Bitcoin CFDs with these CFD brokers, you don’t have to own Cryptocurrencies or a digital wallet. You just need to open a Forex and CFD trading account and deposit fiat currencies like USD and EUR, then you can start trading.
Low Cost
Bitcoin CFD trading offers you to exchange currencies at the lowest cost. When buying and selling many times, you can save a lot of money by choosing Bitcoin CFD as your product.

There are many CFD brokers that offer Cryptocurrency trading with great conditions.

For the CFD brokers which offer BTCUSD with the lowest fee and commissions, you can see them above.

If you are curious about other CFD brokers that offer Cryptocurrency CFD trading, go to the page below.

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