Binance Mining Pool will launch a cloud computing power service, which will help users obtain mining rewards from Binance Mining Pool without mining equipment.

From 12:00 on November 22, 2022 (Eastern Eighth District time), users can purchase computing power through cloud computing power products and start mining BTC.

This promotion runs from Activity time: 12:00, November 22, 2022 to 12:00, December 22, 2022 (Eastern Eighth District Time).

To celebrate the launch of the cloud computing power service, users who purchase cloud computing power products during the event will also enjoy zero management fees for one month.

In general, 2.5% mining pool handling fee and 1.5% cloud computing power management fee will be charged for mining income.

Users must complete identity verification to purchase cloud computing power products, and are eligible to receive zero management fees during the event.

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