Binance OTC officially launched the spot block trading service on the Binance website.

The service will increase the quotation communication channel for current OTC users and enable OTC transactions to be completed on a more secure and efficient trading platform.

Users can go to the Binance website > Transaction Navigation Catalog > Binance OTC Trading, and click the “Start Trading” button to enter the spot block trading.

Through spot block trading, users with a single transaction amount of $ 200,000 or more can directly obtain the latest current quotations through the platform’s Binance OTC trading team.

The spot block trade is the first product in a series of OTC products launched by Binance OTC for professional trading users.

In order to help VIP and institutional users with bulk spot trading needs to better execute trading orders.

All users must complete standard authentication to use this service.

The OTC trading volume will be included in the calculation of the 30-day spot trading volume of the VIP project within two working days from the execution date.

Please visit transaction fee or user center to check your current VIP level.

All asset holdings, trading volumes and standards related to the project are measured at the discretion of Binance.

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