Binance Convert Promotion

The Binance Flash exchange platform has launched a new function, which supports conversion between any cryptocurrencies and small orders (the minimum single amount can be as low as the equivalent of 1 USD). Use the new function to trade during the event, you can share the 50,000 BUSD equivalent prize pool.

The promotion runs from 00:00 on June 23, 2022 to 23:59 on June 29, 2022 (East Eighth District time).

Trade and Share 24,800 BUSD

Participate in trading and share 24,800 BUSD.
During the event, for users who have a single accumulated transaction amount of no less than 500 BUSD through the Binance Flash Swap platform, eligible users will be eligible to share the 24,800 BUSD prize pool equally.

Trade and Share 24,800 BUSD

Rank Up in the Leaderboard to Win Up to 3,000 BUSD

Trading volume ranking list, the highest win is 3,000 BUSD.

During the event, users who have a single random flash exchange transaction value of no less than 500 BUSD through the Binance flash exchange platform can participate in the trading volume statistics ranking. According to their trading volume, the top 15 eligible users on the daily list are eligible. Users will be eligible to receive rewards, and the specific reward structure is distributed as follows.

Ranking BUSD Voucher Rewards
1st place 3,000 BUSD
2nd to 3rd 1,500 BUSD per person
4th to 7th 1,000 BUSD per person
8th to 15th 800 BUSD per person

Rank Up in the Leaderboard to Win Up to 3,000 BUSD

Special Rewards for Special Ranks!

The final ranking of the transaction is the lucky number, to win the lucky reward.

During the event, among the top 10,000 users in the total transaction volume of FlashForge, the lucky users whose last number is “88” will also receive a token reward worth 88 BUSD, and 100 users will be selected from the qualified users to win the reward. Examples of eligible rankings: 88th, 288th, 3,988th, 9,988th…

Earn the Special Rewards

All users need to register here before they can successfully participate in this event, and eligible users can receive rewards.

Users must complete identity verification to be eligible for rewards.

If you don’t have a Binance account, click here to register to get a 10% discount on handling fees. The timeliness of the 10% discount on spot trading fees depends on the timeliness of Binance’s spot rebates. The 10% discount on contract trading fees is valid for 30 days after registration.

Activity card and coupon rewards will be issued in the form of vouchers within 2 weeks after the event ends, which can be viewed and collected in the My- Card and Coupon Center.

Cards and coupons are valid within 14 days from the date of issuance, click to learn: how to use the card and coupons.

The winning users of Activity 2 will not participate in the sharing of the prize pool of Activity 1.

Sub-accounts do not participate in activities as independent accounts. Sub-accounts and leveraged accounts and trading volumes are merged into the main account.

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