After the Ethereum Proof-of-Work (ETHW) tokens were distributed to eligible users, the new ETHW asset has been listed on Binance Flash Exchange.

Users can now sell ETHW to exchange BUSD and USDT through the flash exchange trading platform.

Since ETHW is a new forked token, the price may fluctuate wildly during trading, and the trading risk is high; users can only sell ETHW at this time.

In order to better protect Binance users, ETHW needs to pass Binance’s strict listing review process like other tokens.

Supporting the listing of ETHW on the Binance Flash Exchange does not guarantee the listing of ETHW.

According to internal policy, Binance will not make any guarantee of listing.

Please ensure that you have conducted a sufficient risk assessment before trading, and in accordance with our Terms of Use, if you are unsure, you should avoid trading and seek independent financial advice before trading.

Binance is not responsible for any losses that may arise.

If you visit the Binance official website, please click “Trade” on the menu bar of the homepage – select “Flash Exchange”.

If using the Binance App, please click “Trade” – select “Swap” from the top menu bar.

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