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February 26th, 2018 – “NCASH” available on Binance

Binance has added a new Cryptocurrency Token “NCASH” which achieves IoT by using Blockchain technology.

NCASH Information

Token: NCASH
Cryptocurrency Pairs: NCASH/BNB (Nucleus vs Binance Coin)
NCASH/BTC (Nucleus vs Bitcoin)
NCASH/ETH (Nucleus vs Ethereum)
Trading, Deposit & Withdrawal available from: February 26th, Monday

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What is Nucleus “NCASH”?

Nucleus strives to achieve a smart customer service by connecting information to the internet (which have not been listed on the web).

For instance, shops can recognize customers when they enter their shops and categorize them with the preference automatically, thus providing them smooth flow of customer service.

The token of Nucleus is “EXY” and it can also be used a points for shopping.