Bibox has added new cryptocurrencies, AladdinDAO, Project Inverse, Lumenswap, CocoSwap, Dydx and Overlord to the global exchange.

Here are the details of the newly added Cryptocurrencies.

AladdinDAO (ALD)
The available trading pair is ALD/USDT. AladdinDAO is a joint launch of the decentralized asset management market by dozens of cryptocurrency investment institutions. It aims to change the existing model of venture capital and encourage DeFi participants through the mechanism design of crypto-economics and the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Choose the best liquid mining project for community members to solve the problem of information asymmetry in the DeFi investment field.
Project Inverse (XIV)
The available trading pair is XIV/USDT. INVERSE is a platform that supports Ethereum smart contracts that can track the trend of popular DeFi tokens and allow users to benefit from the decline or sell-off of these tokens through the XIV utility token. With the INVERSE protocol, non-traders can speculate on the short-term volatility of specific DeFi assets and the broader DeFi index.
Lumenswap (LSP)
The available trading pair is LSP/USDT. Lumenswap is an open-source client of the Stellar network, providing a friendly and minimal interface to exchange and trade assets on the network. LSP is a reward and governance asset, which plays an important role in maintaining the cyclical dynamics and decentralization of the Lumenswap ecosystem.
CocoSwap (COCO)
The available trading pair is COCO/USDT. CocoSwap is committed to building a comprehensive platform integrating aggregated transactions, DEX, DAO, etc. on DeFi, providing users with a more secure and reliable decentralized token with more diversified asset selection and configuration, and a higher expected return on investment. Exchange service.
Dydx (DYDX)
The available trading pair is DYDX/USDT. DYDX is a governance token that allows the dYdX community to hold and govern the dYdX protocol. Mainly used for dYdX protocol governance and commission discount.
Overlord (LORD)
The available trading pair is LORD/USDT. Overlord- the first RPG to integrate NFT on mobile devices. Overlord is confident to become the first mobile RPG game that successfully integrates NFT. As long as a mobile phone is connected to the Internet, players can experience it without any worries.

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