Fraud Alert Please Avoid Queen Elizabeth Meme Coins

The sad news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 9 shocked the UK, the Commonwealth and the world.

Her son, now King Charles III, succeeded to the throne.

A new coin featuring the face of a new king will be minted as the UK government continues to change.

But one thing that is unlikely to be affected by the current time is the cryptocurrency market.

Nonetheless, a whole wave of “opportunistic” meme tokens (eg: Queen Elizabeth Inu, Save the Queen, Queen, QueenDoge, London Bridge is Down, Rip Queen Elizabeth, etc.) have been put on the market with bad taste, The outlook is just as bad. In addition, a large number of NFTs with similar themes have emerged.

To say the least, despite some price spikes, this junk coin is definitely not recommended.

In just 24 hours, the price of Queen Elizabeth Inu tokens rose by more than 28%, and the price of Elizabeth coins rose by more than 8%.

But despite the sizable trading volume, these coins are still illiquid with all the typical signs of a pump-and-dump scam.

Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne for nearly 71 years at the age of 96.

During her reign, the royal family’s approval rating among the public has been above 90%, a kind of goodwill and respect for tradition that is unlikely to be shown through commemorative activities of digital assets.

The sales of RIP Queen Elizabeth NFTs confirm this: just hours after the Queen’s death, the RIP Queen Elizabeth NFT series appeared on OpenSea, with a total of 520 NFTs sold for just 0.06 Ether (ETH).

Exploitative projects like this only damage the reputation of cryptocurrencies without even creating any value for their developers.\

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Shady “price gouging” aside, there are other developments in the UK that are more relevant to cryptocurrencies.

New Prime Minister Liz Truss has publicly stated that the UK “should welcome cryptocurrencies,” should be open to crypto-friendly business and legislation in the country, and further integrate cryptocurrencies into the world economy.

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