Bibox Carnival for fans – 5,000,000,000ZZC giveaway

The promotion runs from 18:00, November 25, 2022 to 18:00, December 2, 2022 (UTC+8).

Activity 1: Novice Blind Box

Users who register through the exclusive link will randomly open the ZZC blind box, and can get 500,000~5,000,000 ZZC, limited to 1,000,000,000 ZZC, first come first served.

Open Bibox’s Crypto Account

Activity 2: Mission Rewards

Click to download the APP and get 5-star praise, register, answer questions and ask questions.

Upload the screenshot of the personal profile showing MyZZ 1 and MyQ 1, which will include the screenshot of ZZ 1 and Q 1’s personal profile, then upload it to the registration form.

And you will get an airdrop of 5,000,000ZZC, with a prize pool of 1,000,000,000ZZC, while the reward supplies last.

Go to Bibox’s Official Website

Activity 3: Share with friends

Sign up and share the blind box to receive screenshots, if you tweet like more than 20 people, you will get 4,000,000 ZZC rewards, limited to 1,000,000,000ZZC.

First come first served.

Open Bibox’s Crypto Account

Activity 4: Trading Competition

During the event, users with a ZZC transaction volume (buy*2+sell) ≥ 300 USDT will have the opportunity to share 2,000,000,000 ZZC.

The details of reward sharing are as follows:

Ranking Rewards
1st place 1,000,000,000 ZZC
2nd place 500,000,000 ZZC
3rd place 300,000,000 ZZC
4th~30th Share 200,000,000 ZZC according to proportion of volume

Users must click [Register Now] in the registration link to participate in the event. If you do not have a Bibox account, please click Register Now.

If the rewards in this event overlap, they can be obtained repeatedly.

This activity is not shared with online activities in the same period, and the same type of activities in the same period will be rewarded with the largest reward.