Earn 50% APY on PIVX

Binance treasure has now launched PIVX wealth management products to provide users with value-added services of idle digital assets.

Current wealth management products (subscribe immediately): PIVX

Regular financial management activities (subscribe immediately):

Interest calculation cycle: From 20:00 on October 14, 2021, Eastern Eighth District, to the end of the corresponding regular product cycle

Subscription model:
First come first served
Subscription time:
East 8th District Time October 13, 2021 20:00 to October 14, 2021 20:00

Earn 50% APY on PIVX

Digital AssetPIVX
Term to Maturity14 days
Total Cap200,000 PIVX
Individual Cap400 PIVX
Annualized Interest Rate50%
Lot Size40 PIVX
Interest Per Lot at Maturity0.7671 PIVX

If the total purchase amount of the product reaches the upper limit, the purchase will not be able to continue for the time being.

Once you subscribe to the products of Binance’s regular wealth management activities, you will not be able to redeem them in advance.

Binance will dynamically adjust the currency, interest rate, personal purchase limit, and total product purchase based on the actual market operation and the degree of risk.

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