P2P Bonanza - $3,100 Trading Bonus up for Grabs

As a show of gratitude for your support of Phemex, we’re hosting an awesome giveaway through Phemex’s P2P trading platform.

Phemex P2P makes it easy for you to smoothly and safely obtain cryptocurrency using fiat, by connecting with other peer-to-peer traders.

Whether you’re a P2P newbie or experienced user, anybody can win from the $3,100 prize pool.

Hurry because rewards are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis!

Get $3,100 Trading Bonus

Join Phemex P2P Bonanza promotion

Follow the steps below to participate in this promotion.

Visit Phemex.com and register on Phemex’s platform (if you don’t have Phemex account).

Trade and post Ads on the Phemex P2P trading platform during the campaign period and you can win from the $3,100 prize pool.

This promotion runs to Feb. 7, 2023

The Prize Pool is $3,100 for Phemex P2P Users.

Go to Phemex’s Official Website

Prize Pool 1: $2,000 in Trading Bonuses for Eligible P2P Purchasers

All new P2P users have the chance to win from this prize pool.

Simply finish KYC verification and complete your first crypto purchase of over $100 in value on the Phemex P2P platform during the campaign period. You will then be eligible to split a $2,000 prize pool.

This prize pool can have up to 100 winners total, on a first-come-first-serve basis. So each winner can receive at least a $20 trading bonus.

Get $3,100 Trading Bonus

Prize Pool 2: $1,100 in Trading Bonuses for Eligible P2P Advertisers

P2P advertisers will be ranked based on how many KYC’d users they completed P2P transactions with during the campaign period.
After event concludes, the top 10 ranked advertisers will receive rewards from the $1,100 trading bonus prize pool:

  • 1st place: $200
  • 2nd place: $180
  • 3rd place: $160
  • 4th place: $140
  • 5th place: $120
  • 6th place: $100
  • 7th place: $80
  • 8th place: $60
  • 9th place: $40
  • 10th place: $20

Go to Phemex’s Official Website

To qualify for this event you must complete required actions from the announcement page.

An advertiser refers to a user who posts P2P trading ads and processes transactions. Currently Phemex P2P doesn’t charge any fees for advertisers.

This event is available to all markets (fiat currencies) supported on the Phemex P2P platform: RUB, EUR, GBP, USD, MXN. Fees may be incurred for crypto purchases using fiat currency outside of the Phemex platform. Such fees shall be borne by the buyer.

Users who use the above listed fiat currencies to trade BTC/USDT/ETH on Phemex P2P are eligible for event rewards. The exchange rates will be based on closing prices on trading days during the event.

Prize Pool 1 is available only to non-advertisers, while Prize Pool 2 is only for advertisers. Only new buys on Phemex P2P are eligible for Prize Pool 1. The same user cannot win rewards from both Prize Pools 1 and 2.

For Prize Pool 2, if two or more advertisers are tied on the leaderboard, then the higher ranking will be given to the one with greater total transaction amount during the event period.

Only users who have completed Advanced KYC on Phemex (ID and facial verification) are eligible for rewards.

Get $3,100 Trading Bonus