Looking for a broker/exchange where you can use high leverage to trade Cryptocurrency pairs?

This article shows you the services with the highest Cryptocurrency leverage in the world.

Crypto Brokers Bitcoin Spread Max Leverage Swap Costs Trading Session
CryptoAltum From $1.75 (No Commission) 1:500 Charged 24/7
EXNESS From $58.2 (No Commission) 1:400 (Limited to 1:200 on weekends) None 24/7
XM From $39 (No Commission) 1:250 None 24/7
IC Markets $9 (No Commission) 1:200 Charged 24/7
Axi $40 (No Commission) 1:100 Charged 24/7
FBS $30 (No Commission) 1:5 Charged 24/7
FXPro $50 (No Commission) 1:2 Charged 24/7
Capital.com $99 (No Commission) 1:2 Charged 24/7
eToro $200 (No Commission) 1:2 Charged 24/7

In 2022, the service that offers the highest Cryptocurrency leverage is CryptoAltum.

CryptoAltum not only offers 1:500 high leverage for trading Cryptocurrency pairs, but it also supports NBP (Negative Balance Protection).

With CryptoAltum’s NBP, you can increase your trading volume by 1:500 while making sure that the maximum loss possible is always limited to the total invested amount.

The spreads (trading costs) of Cryptocurrency pairs on CryptoAltum are also very low compared to other services, it is also suited for scalpers and day traders.

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Why trade Cryptocurrency pairs (CFD)?

You may have noticed that the services that offer higher leverages are all CFD brokers, but not Cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Bybit.

CFD brokers like CryptoAltum and Exness are all focusing on providing higher leverage and lower cost.

If your intention to trade Cryptocurrency is to make profits from price movements, then CFD trading is recommended.

If you are interested in HODLing Cryptocurrencies, then you need to sign up for Cryptocurrency exchange services like Binance and Bybit.