BONK Spot & Margin Trading Contest X PrimeBox, Trade to Share 2,000 USDT Prize Pool

Huobi launched the BONK spot leveraged trading competition.

Traders can participate in sharing rewards worth 2,000 USDT, and have the opportunity to win cards for the card collection event.

Ths promotion runs until January 24, 2023 (GMT+8).

Users who successfully go to the event page are deemed to have signed up for this event; users who have not visited the event page will not be able to get any rewards.

During the event, users who participate in BONK spot trading (including leveraged trading) on ​​Huobi will share 1,033,000,000 BONK (worth 2,000 USDT) according to their trading volume.

BONK leveraged transaction volume doubled: During the event, as long as users participate in BONK/USDT leveraged transactions, the leveraged transaction amount will be included in the user’s total transaction amount by 5 times.

Enter the event page during the event, and you will have a chance to get a card-collecting event card once a day.

Leverage currency interest discount coupon reward: the top 50 users with trading volume will receive an additional 10% leverage currency interest discount coupon.

Ranking Reward
1st 500,000,000 BONK
2nd 300,000,000 BONK
3rd 200,000,000 BONK
4th and after Participants whose trading volumes are ≥ 100 USD will share 33,000,000 BONK in proportion to their trading volumes.

Sub-accounts cannot participate in this activity alone, and the transaction amount of sub-accounts will be included in the parent account

Market makers are not eligible to participate in this promotion.

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