This promotion runs from 15:00, December 5, 2022 to 07:59, December 19, 2022 (East Eighth District time).

Tip: Click the [Register Now] button on the event page to qualify for rewards!

Complete the specified tasks and share 80,000 USD equivalent token coupons

During the event, all qualified users who complete the following three simple tasks can participate in the equal sharing of 80,000 USD equivalent KAVA, XTZ, SAND and HFT token coupons.

Task 2: Participate in the quiz and complete the answers.

Task 3: During the activity period, complete a total transaction volume equivalent to at least USD 500 in the effective total transaction volume (buy + sell, excluding the part of brush volume) of the designated spot trading pair.

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Participate in the trading competition and share 20,000 USD equivalent token coupons

During the event, users who participate in the specified spot trading pairs and whose effective total trading volume (buy + sell, excluding the amount of swiping) is not less than USD 1,000 or equivalent will be ranked according to the accumulated effective total trading volume of users, the top 20 users who meet the requirements of the above activities will share 20,000 USD equivalent KAVA, XTZ, SAND and HFT token rewards according to the rules.

Reward structure:

Rankings Reward Per Eligible User (in KAVA, XTZ, SAND & HFT Token Vouchers)
1st Place $5,000
2nd Place $4,000
3rd Place $3,000
4th Place $2,000
5th Place $1,000
6th – 10th Places $500
11th – 20th Places $250

Only users who are in the regions supported by the event (Binance reserves the right to change the supported regions at any time), click the [Register Now] button on the designated page of the event, and complete KYC before the end of the event period are eligible to receive rewards.

Spot trading pairs eligible for the event: KAVA/USDT, KAVA/BUSD, XTZ/USDT, XTZ/BUSD, SAND/USDT, SAND/BUSD, HFT/USDT, HFT/BUSD.

KAVA, XTZ, SAND, HFT and USD exchange rate for reward distribution: based on USD 0.8426, USD 0.9768, USD 0.5534 and USD 0.5173.

Coupon rewards include: KAVA, XTZ, SAND and HFT, each accounting for 25%.

Event rewards will be issued in the form of coupons within two weeks after the event ends, and can be viewed and claimed in My-Card Coupon Center.

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